DC Collectibles Annouces Batman v Superman, & Suicide Squad Figures


DC Collectibles announced a new line of movie-based action figures.

The reveals include:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justic

  • Armored Batman
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Lex Luthor

Suicide Squad

  • El Diablo
  • Harley Quinn

Man of Steel

  • Zod
  • Faora
  • Jor-El

These were created using 3D sculpts and are based on their appearances in the films. The specific scale is not listed.

Credit: Yahoo

Armored Batman
The beefed-up Batsuit helps the Caped Crusader in his showdown with the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman. Bats was created using scans of Ben Affleck and, like the rest of the new figures, has 36 points of articulation. The figure also comes with swappable hands, accessories that include grapple gun and grenade launcher, and a stand. (Available in September, $50)

Henry Cavill’s ripped physique is captured in this Batman v Superman version of Krypton’s favorite son. The figure includes a swappable head featuring Supes’s glowing red eyes as well as three different sets of hands. (Available in September; $45)

Wonder Woman
The third member of DC’s Trinity, played by Gal Gadot, is primed for battle, with her sword, shield, and golden lariat, along with interchangeable hands. (Available in November; $45)

Lex Luthor
The Man of Steel’s archnemesis (played by Jesse Eisenberg) makes his debut in the DC cinematic universe in Batman v Superman. Among his accessories: a case full of Kryptonite, changeable hands, and, our favorite, Lex’s trademark bald head. (Available in November; $45)

Harley Quinn
The grand dame of the Suicide Squad, the unhinged Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) comes all tatted up and extremely well-armed. In addition to her explosive collar (used to keep the villains in check during their missions), the figure includes a pistol and, of course, her hammer. (Available in 2017; price TBA)

El Diablo
This Squaddie (Jay Hernandez) has pyro powers and some creepy facial tats. (Available in 2017; price TBA)

Man of Steel is also well-represented in the new line of figures. Here’s the chief antagonist (played by Michael Shannon), a Kryptonian hellbent on destroying Earth. Zod also plays a key role in the upcoming Batman v Superman. The figure comes with three different heads (angry face, laser eyes, and mask) and an assortment of hands. (Available in September; $45)

Zod’s partner in mayhem (played by Antje Traue) models the latest in Kryptonian war armor and includes a swappable masked head, interchangeable hands, and a knife. (Available in September; $45)

Superman’s daddy (Russell Crowe) comes equipped with his Man of Steel armor, rifle, and interchangeable hands. (Available in September; $45)

DCC-MoS-General-Zod DCC-BvS-Superman DCC-BvS-Armored-Batman DCC-BvS-Lex-Luthor DCC-BvS-Wonder-Woman DCC-Suicide-Squad-El-Diablo DCC-MoS-General-Faora DCC-MoS-General-Jor-El DCC-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn