DC Collectibles Announces DC Icons 6″ Figures For 2016


DC Collectibles revealed their 2016 line-up of the 6″ DC Icons figures.

The reveals include:

  • Swamp Thing, based on Dark Genesis
  • Wonder Woman, based on Amazo Virus
  •  Cyborg, based on Justice League – Forever Evil
  • Deathstroke, based on The Judas Contract
  • Darkseid and Grail
  • Batgirl, based on Batgirl of Burnside
  • DC Icons Accessory Packs

DCC-DC-Icons-Accessory-Pack-1 DCC-DC-Icons-Accessory-Pack-3 DCC-DC-Icons-Batgirl-1 DCC-DC-Icons-Accessory-Pack-2 DCC-DC-Icons-Accessory-Pack-4 DCC-DC-Icons-Batgirl-2 DCC-DC-Icons-Cyborg-1 DCC-DC-Icons-Cyborg-2 DCC-DC-Icons-Darkseid-and-Grail-1 DCC-DC-Icons-Darkseid-and-Grail-2 DCC-DC-Icons-Deathstroke-1 DCC-DC-Icons-Deathstroke-2 DCC-DC-Icons-Swamp-Thing-1 DCC-DC-Icons-Swamp-Thing-2 DCC-DC-Icons-Wonder-Woman-1 DCC-DC-Icons-Wonder-Woman-2