NYTF 2016 – Mattycollector: Masters Of The Universe Classics, ThunderCats & More Reveals


The Mattycollector ToyFair event is underway and the reveals are shown below.

Serpentine King Hsss is coming very soon. He will be sold at first to 2015 Club Eternia Subscribers, then to everyone else after that. ToyHypeUSA was the first to snap pictures of him and we were talking with the new Mattycollector brand manager, Mr. Andrew Sparks. He is a big MOTU fan.

Also shown are Masters of the Universe Classics 2.0 Club Grayskull, Filmation, and the Roton vehicle in 6″ figure scale.

DC Multiverse expands with Doomsday, Lex Luthor (movie), Supergirl (tv), and more.

ThunderCats all previously announced figures are shown. Lion-O, Mumm-Ra (Sub. Exclu), Pymra, Jackleman

Tuskador’s trunks may be several inches shorter than shown. They were huge in person.

(apologies for the server downtime. We were just as annoyed as you!)

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