NYTF 2016 – Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, MOTU, & Ghostbusters


Besides Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Multiverse, and ThunderCats, Mattel had also shown Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles, Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters and more.

Mega Bloks is coming out with the largest and best ever Technodrome that’s a must-have for all Turtles fans. This thing is massive and mirrors the one on the classic show very well. Splinter, Kraang, Foot Soldier, Mouse droids, and a repaint of Leonardo are included.

Black and White Mega Bloks Turtles figures and a playset is coming.

TMNT Mega Bloks Turtles Van, April O’Neil, Shredder

The female Ghostbusters figures were shown for the 6″ scale. Along were some new ghosts including a demon, stay puft, and the ghost seen in the logo/sign.

Kubros Masters of the Universe Block figures shown.

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