NYTF 2016 – Mattel Showroom Coverage

Mattel opened it’s doors this morning to press and we have an entire gallery to share with you of more Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products, Ghostbusters Movie 6″ figures, and four new reveals for Fisher Price Imaginext line.

The Mega Bloks TMNT sets are both Classic and 2012 inspired, as well as some movie toys shown for the first time.

The Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra Sized Dinosaur is a repaint/refresh of last years. No retooling done. This dinosaur is like an ice skeleton is the best example of how to explain it.

The Batman v Superman Imaginext connects together and Batman is attached to a helicopter that flies around in a circle, and lands back on the Batman set. You can also detach both sets at the connector piece in the center, and the Batman helicopter can fly around.

The Ghostbusters were shown yesterday at the Mattycollector event. But there was a new 3 pack shown of 2″ figures (carded behind the figures).

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