Entertainment Earth: Batman v Superman, Star Trek, Voltron Collectibles, & More

Entertainment Earth


Entertainment Earth sent out their latest newsletter with their items that are hot off the truck, newly listed pre-orders, and more.

Mezco Toyz – New York ToyFair 2016 Reveals:

Shazam! 1:12 Collective Action Figure $75 September 2016

Star Trek Captain Kirk 1:12 Collective Action Figure $70 August 2016

Batman (v Superman) 1:12 Collective Action Figure $75 July 2016

Superman (BvS) 1:12 Collective Action Figure $75 August 2016


 Hot off the Truck:

Batman: The Animated Series Laughing Fish Joker Bust – Entertainment Earth Exclusive $54.99

Batman Red Hood ArtFX 1:10 Scale Statue $54.99

Star Trek TOS U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Bobble Ship $21.99

Marvel Now X-Men Emma Frost ArtFX+ Statue $54.99

Alien Light-Up Egg and Facehugger Life-Size Foam and Latex Prop Replica $428.99


Newly Added to the Website:

Voltron Ultimate Edition EX 16-Inch Action Figure $399.99 October 2016

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 1:4 Scale Die-Cast Metal Action Figure $599.99 May 2016

The Lost World: Jurassic Park T-Rex 1:5 Scale Bust $749.99 November 2016

Star Wars: TFA First Order Stormtrooper Egg Attack Figure $89.99 November 2016

Ash vs. Evil Dead Series 1 Action Figure Case $279.99 September 2016

Red Sonja 1:6 Scale Action Figure $164.99 November 2016