Ask Jakks Q&A With Scott Neitlich – March 2016 – 2.0 Edition

Ask Jakks Q&A With Scott Neitlich – March 2016 – 2.0 Edition


Following up on March 1st, Jakks Pacific sent us back our February 1st submissions for those of you that sent in questions.

Scott Neitlich, the Director of Marketing for boys action figures and collectors for Jakks Pacific had taken some time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. ToyHypeUSA will also be sending him monthly questions just like we did for Ask Matty, when he worked at Mattel as the brand manager for Masters of the Universe Classics. Send us your questions to [email protected] by March 25th.

1. It was confirmed by Jakks Pacific’s customer support that the World Of Nintendo 6″ line was canceled. As you know this line has a huge collector following, and we would love to get more 6″ figures. One of the things that made the World of Nintendo line special was that the three scales (2.5″, 4″, and 6″) really complimented each other and brought us great characters in proper scale with one another. Is there any chance that more 6″ figures will be made as exclusives? They could be sold on the Jakks Pacific’s online store, conventions, or other outlets.

Yes, we liked having the 6” complementing the 4” and were strategically looking for characters which could take advantage of the larger size and be more in scale.  The reality is that we launched with several different scales of figures and we probably did too many.  As a result, not everything was successful.  As the business grows, we will look for opportunities to grow.  So, there is always a chance, but no immediate plans.
2. A similar question was asked a few months back, but the answer wasn’t quite clear. Are Big Figs based on CW’s Arrow or The Flash possible under your license? And are they potentially in the works?

There are currently no plans for these characters in the Big Figs line.
3. Any plans for Big Figs based on the DCs Legends of Tomorrow?

There are currently no plans for these characters in the Big Figs line.
4. Going back into TMNT, could you move the 3D-It line forward into the current Dimension X storyline, and when is the soonest that might come to pass?

Man, you are hitting us with the tough ones this time.  I am a big believer in the 3D-It line.  There are additional waves of product across all the licenses developed.  Unfortunately the sell through of the first waves was below expectations, as with the system as a whole.  We are doing what we can to improve the sales of the core unit because we know the play pattern of creating your favorite characters is one that people want to do.

5. Would Jakks consider starting an official poll for a fan choice Big Fig for the Star Wars The Force Awakens or Rebels line? Characters such as Rebels Sabine, Rex, First Order Snowtrooper Commander, or First Order General Hux would be great poll candidates.

I think that is a great idea.  We can’t promise that it will get tooled, as there are a variety of factors that go into the character selection.  However, we want to participate in forums like this to get the direct feedback from the fans.  I promise that we do hear the suggestions and weigh them heavily.

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