Gentle Giant – Secret Wars Spider-Man Jumbo Figure & Animated Spider-Gwen Statue



Gentle Giant provided new details and images of their upcoming Secret Wars Spider-Man Jumbo Figure and Animated Spider-Gwen Statue. Pre-Orders are also available.

Marvel Secret Wars Spider-Man Jumbo Figure – $90
Transported to a strange planet by a force from beyond the universe, the MARVEL SUPER HEROES face destruction by earth’s deadliest villains – and must fight the SECRET WARS through the use of secret messages! Digitally scanned from the original mint condition Marvel Secret Wars action figures and reproduced in jumbo 12” scale, no detail has been overlooked. This figure is made of durable plastic and comes with original articulation. To further capture the vintage feel, Gentle Giant Ltd. has packaged this figure with a Marvel Secret Wars inspired backer card featuring original photos and artwork. Designed with the collector in mind, this figure comes in a re-sealable plastic outer clamshell to help protect and display.

Marvel Animated Spider-Gwen Statue – $64.99
Gentle Giant Ltd. is delighted in announcing the next character in our Marvel animated statues line, with Spider-Gwen! Passing the time while practicing her yo-yo, this adorable collectible is a playful take on Gwen Stacey found off the cover and pages from Marvel Comics. Marvel’s most adorable arachnid was digitally sculpted and printed on state of the art 3D Systems printers. The high-resolution prints were then used in the creation of prototypes needed to produce this animated collectible. This statue stands at 3.5” tall and is hand-cast, hand-painted, and hand-numbered with a limited edition certificate of authenticity. Make Mine Marvel!

GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-001 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-002 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-010 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-003 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-004 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-005 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-006 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-007 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-008 GG-Secret-Wars-Spider-Man-009 GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-001 GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-002 GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-003   GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-004 GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-005 GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-007 GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-008 GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-006 GG-Spider-Gwen-Animated-Statue-009