NECA Toys Predator Series 15 Official Product Details & Images

NECA Toys Predator Series 15 Official Product Details & Images


NECA provided the official product details as well as new images of their upcoming Predator Series 15 action figure line-up. Shown are three more figures from Alien Vs. Predator.

These figures will be available at the end of April 2016 or beginning of May. Check back sometime after that for our review of the line.

Pre-Order this line now at Entertainment Earth.

NECA’s longest running action figure line continues!

Series 15 features even more action figure debuts from the 2004 movie Alien vs. Predator. The assortment includes our first-ever Ancient Predators, Warrior and Temple Guard, as well as a new masked version of the fan-favorite Scar Predator. We’ve paid close attention to detail to make these as accurate to the movie as possible.

Each has over 30 points of articulation and comes with character-specific gauntlets, armor, weapons, trophies and other accessories. As an added bonus, the hands, gauntlet blades and cannons are removable and compatible with all AvP Predators.

Figures stand 8.25” tall. Blister card packaging.

AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-002 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-003 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-004 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-005 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-006 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-007 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-008 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-009 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-010 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-011 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-012 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-013 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-014 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-015 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-016 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-017 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-018 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-019 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-020 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-021 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-022 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-023 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-024 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-025 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-026 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-027 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-028 AvP-Predator-Series-15-NECA-029

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