Ask DST #315: Miscellaneous – Gotham, Batman: The Animated Series, NBX & More

Ask DST #315: Miscellaneous – Gotham, Batman: The Animated Series, NBX & More

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Diamond Select Toys provided the next round of Ask DST with answers for Gotham, Batman: The Animated Series, Nightmare Before Christmas, Universal Monsters, Mass Effect and more.

Will there be a Gotham series 3 wave and if there is which characters? Thank you 

DSTChuck: Yes, we’ll be making Bruce Wayne, Barnbara Kean and Mr. Zsasz. They’re available for pre-order now, but we should have them out by the start of the next season. And we’re sculpting Series 4 now – still top-secret, but very cool! 

Michael R.
Hello, I’m a huge fan of your NBC Action figures. They look great and the packaging is great as well. Do u plan on making more characters from the film? U really should. The devil, witches, cyclops as well as the others.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them. We do have more planned in fact, we showed Series 2 (Santa Jack, The Mayor, Dr. Finkelstein) and Series 3 (Pumpkin King, Santa Claus, and Lock, Shock & Barrel) at Toy Fair and C2E2.

Dusty L.
I’m really hoping you’ll go deep with the Batman: The Animated Series 9″ PVC line. I’m really hoping to see some characters outside the usual. We need a Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and Mad Hatter. We also need a Dick Grayson Robin. Let’s make this happen guys…. 

DSTChuck: Glad you like the line! For now we’re focusing on the females, but we have tried a couple of the men, like Batman and Joker. If the line does well, especially the males, we would love to keep going.

Jon M.
Have the sales been good enough for the Lost In Space robot, that you would consider doing the Jupiter2? With the quality you put in for the Star Trek ships this vehicle is screaming for the same treatment. Love your products!

DSTChuck: Right now we’re very happy with the sales so far on the B9, and we’ve got the Anti-Matter version on the way. We’ve always talked about the Jupiter 2, but we’re not ready to give it the green light right now.

Hi, One of my favorite shows is lab rats and I was wondering if maybe you could make Adam Bree and chase action figure, Thank you for your time

DSTChuck: My son loves that show too , but right now no plans to pursue that license.

A.J. S.
Have you considered some of the more obscure Universal Monsters? I’d love the alien from ‘It’ Came From Outer Space, or the robot from The Phantom Creeps serial. These awesome monsters have virtually NO merchandise, and you wouldn’t have to worry about likeness rights! Also, if you ever consider doing Dracula again, would you consider a Carlos Villar version? He’d be a terrific substitute for Lugosi.

DSTChuck: At this time, we have no more figures planned for that line, BUT for sure the door is not shut.

I know you have the Buck Rogers miniatures. I was wondering if you were ever going to do Hawk figurine from Zica toys. Hawk has never been released as an action figure by any manufacturer and I was wondering if DST would perhaps considering at least perhaps release hawk or at least see if there is an interest?

DSTChuck: Sorry, but right now we do not have any plans for more Buck Rogers products.

Douglas G.
Hello….I’m not entirely clear what you mean by not accepting product submissions, so I’ll ask anyway… there any reason why you don’t make figures in way whereby the clothing can’t be removed easily? e.g. it would be useful if the grandpa Munster figure’s coat could come off more easily so that the figure could be used in a sitting position for diorama use. Thank you.

DSTChuck: While our Retro-style 8” figures often have fully removable costumes, and costume elements, as do our Minimates mini-figures, that’s really not a direction we would take with a traditional line of action figures. Often, something simple like that would require several new parts and additional costs, like new arms and such. We’ve done a little of that with the Star Trek line, maybe you can check that out. 

Matt M.
Hey guys! Now that the Mass Effect set is out and hopefully the numbers are in, are you able to confirm if we will see more? I’m so excited for this line and its potential, I’d hate to see it be over already. Should it continue can we get Jack, Saren, Grunt, a mini reaper, oh and Zaeed!!! Especially Zaeed! Thanks again for all you guys do!

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but right now we have no plans for more Mass Effect products.

Robert Z.
The BLADE RUNNER sequel is about to shoot at Fox in Sydney too!(I have to lay down).How about a Spinner from the original Blade Runner? Great light apps & so many awesome sound fx in that movie. Opening doors & repositionable front wheel things. A ‘flight stand’ & removable figures of Gaf & Deckard. I imagine these would have to be bigger than mini-figures…Great Balls of Fire – Blade Runner figures! Pretty, pretty pleaseRoy Batty: in coat & in death scene bike shorts (or whatever they were). They could be like your Select range, if you’re not doing action figures anymore.What about Select figures with a sound chip? YES!

DSTChuck: At this time, we have no rights to any Blade Runner products, but it would be close to a dream project for me to work on.

Geo R.
Hello and good evening! Been wondering how to contact DST for quite some time now and hopefully my question can be seen and hopefully answered! With there being Ghostbusters figures out now, I couldn’t help but wonder: With his 30th anniversary coming up and a possible sequel more or less confirmed, would there be ANY chance of you guys making Beetlejuice action figures? I think it’d be pretty neat to see The Ghost With The Most himself, along with the Maitlands and the Deetz full realized in figure form as well as maybe some of the ghouls from the waiting room scenes. I understand NECA had produced a few figures but I think you guys could step it up a notch and make something awesome should you decide to pursue such an idea/project. Also wondering, am I the first to ask this or have others messaged you about this too? Excuse this essay of mine, my curiosity peaked at this wee hour of the evening. Hope to hear back from whoever gets to read this! Have a good one! 🙂

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have plans for Beetlejuice action figures, but it is something we are watching very closely.

Mark JJ.
What do you think of Quentin Tarantino’s new Western film The Hateful Eight? I thought it was very great. In fact, I had an idea for making some Minimates figures based on the characters from the film: *Major Marquis Warren a.k.a. “The Bounty Hunter” *Sheriff Chris Mannix a.k.a.”The Sheriff” *John Ruth a.k.a. “The Hangman” *Daisy Domergue a.k.a. “The Prisoner” *Bob (Marco the Mexican) a.k.a. “The Mexican” *Oswaldo Mobray (English Pete Hicox) a.k.a. “The Little Man” *Joe Gage (Grouch Douglass) a.k.a. “The Cow Puncher” *General Sanford “Sandy” Smithers a.k.a. “The Confederate” *Stagecoach with O.B. Jackson *Jordan “Jody” Domergue *Six-Horse Judy *Minnie Mink what do you think? Great idea for a Western-themed Minimates series and based on a Tarantino film, too, I reckon. 

DSTChuck: Right now, we are working through action figures for Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. I think once those are done, we’ll have to see what will come next.

Phil C.
Hello DST! I miss the days “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was a big enough license to warrant a spot on the drop-down menu! That said, can you believe 2017 is the 20th anniversary of Buffy’s TV debut? To celebrate, have you considered reviving your merchandise? There were only a couple key characters you guys didn’t get to the first go-round, and this would be an awesome opportunity to revisit! Prototypes already exist for fan-requested figures like The Judge, and the beautiful “Tough Love” Willow and “Enemies” Faith figures. Any chance you guys would be interested in revisiting the Buffy license for a couple special releases? Seven two-packs (one per season] would basically fill every gap in my collection. Especially that Riley/Adam shaped-hole in my heart! Thanks!

DSTChuck: For sure, BTVS has a soft spot in our hearts, but at this moment we have no plans to revisit it.

Brandon B.
Hey DST! Have you ever considered doing a Wizard of Oz Select line? You guys would be the perfect fit for it! I’m somewhat shocked it has never really been done before. It would be incredible if you did do a series and have it similar to Ghostbusters, where each figure would come with a piece of the yellow brick road that could create a diorama of either Emerald City or Munchkin land.

DSTChuck: I do believe there have been figures made for Wizard of Oz in the past, but we have no plans right now to add that property.

Greg B.
Hi, I have been collecting your Batman the animated series and Superman animated series busts. Are there plans to do all of the characters of the show as well as the New Batman animated series characters?

DSTChuck: We would like to go on for a good long time, and we have planned all the way into 2017, but I wonder how long it would take to get to EVERYONE in all those universes. However, if fans keep buying, we’ll keep going.

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