Sideshow Batman & Catwoman Classic TV Premium Format Figures Official Images & Details



Sideshow Collectibles provided some new images and details of their upcoming Batman and Catwoman Classic TV Premium Format Figures. Catwoman Premium Format Figure is priced at $420, and the Batman Premium Format Figure is priced at $450. Pre-Orders for both will begin on April 28th.

We’re not making this up – If you’d like to learn to properly do the Batusi, then the bastion of all Internet knowledge, Wikipedia, has your answer: “The Batusi is performed by making a horizontal V-sign with one’s index and middle fingers of both hands, and drawing them across in front of the eyes, away from the center of the face simultaneously, with the eyes roughly between the fingers. This is performed in time with the music, and is improved upon by continuing to dance with the lower half of the body, simultaneously.”

That last sentence is particularly important.

Sideshow’s homage to the classic 1960’s Batman series features two of its most iconic characters doing the things that they do best. Batman is striking a pose mid-pow, biff, blamph, or otherwise, while Catwoman stands in all her seductive glory.

For all of the fans of the classic series that introduced these characters to the masses, these two beautifully sculpted pieces are a wonderful addition to any collection.

Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-001 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-002 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-003 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-004 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-005 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-006 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-007 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-008 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-009 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-001 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-002 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-003 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-004 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-005 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-006 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-007 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-008 Sideshow-Premium-Format-Batman-and-Catwoman-001 Sideshow-Premium-Format-Batman-and-Catwoman-002 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-009