Sideshow Batman & Catwoman Classic TV Premium Format Figure Pre-Orders



Sideshow Collectibles are now accepting pre-orders of their upcoming Batman Classic TV Series Batman and Catwoman Premium Format Figures.

Batman is priced at $450.00 and Catwoman is $420.00.

Classic Batman Premium Format Figure

Classic Catwoman Premium Format Figure

You can pre-order yours at the links above.

Holy throwback, Batman – Batmania is here again!

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the beloved television series, Sideshow is proud to present the Batman Premium Format™ Figure. 

Quick! To the Batmobile! Featuring an incredible portrait likeness of Adam West as the colorful Gotham hero, Bruce Wayne suits up to fight crime in an authentically tailored fabric costume with its retro-styled Bat emblem, scallop-edged cape, and trusty utility belt. BAM! POW! BIFF! Captured in mid swing, Batman packs a mighty punch as he leaps into action over a base emblazoned with the iconic red Bat symbol, ready to take on all nefarious super villains and evildoers. A must-have for fans of the ‘60s camp classic, Sideshow’s Adam West Batman Premium Format™ Figure is pure groovy fun and nostalgia!

“No one gets more applause than Catwoman!”

While many have played the iconic villain, Catwoman, Julie Newmar’s take on the prrrr-ecocious cat burglar was the first to ever grace a screen and will always be one of our favorites. 

Sideshow is pleased to share the Catwoman Premium Format™ Figure as the purrfect companion piece to our upcoming Batman Premium Format™ Figure also from the classic 1960’s TV series. 

The polystone piece features details such as a non-removable mask, gold cat medallion, and fabric costume.

Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-001 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-002 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-003 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-004 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-005 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-006 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-007 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-008 Sideshow-Batman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-009 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-001 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-002 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-003 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-004 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-005 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-006 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-007 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-008 Sideshow-Premium-Format-Batman-and-Catwoman-001 Sideshow-Premium-Format-Batman-and-Catwoman-002 Sideshow-Catwoman-Classic-Premium-Format-Figure-009