Bif Bang Pow! Marvel’s Classic Spider-Man & Villains Miniature Pin Mate Wooden Figures



Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth announced some additional Miniature Pin Mate Wooden figures of Marvel’s Classic Spider-Man & Villains.

Bif Bang Pow! continues to add legendary Marvel characters to the new Pin Mate™ miniature wooden figure line with this latest release, which includes Spider-Man/Venom Dual Identity, Spider-Man, Venom, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Black Cat, and Carnage. Each figure is now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

Individually numbered within its series, every figure is numbered on the bottom as well as on the packaging – for added collectibility. Spider-Man/Venom Dual Identity is number 10. Spider-Man is number 11. Venom is number 12. Green Goblin is number 13. Dr. Octopus is number 14. Black Cat is number 15. Carnage is number 27.

Measuring a mere 2-inches tall, each one-of-a-kind Pin Mate figure honors the character’s classic appearance with 360-degree, hand-painted artwork that includes some decal elements.

Pre-Orders are available right now on Entertainment Earth. These figures are $4.99 each and will ship in July 2016.

1000x600_MarvelPM-1 BBP24910_SpiderManVenom_ForWeb BBP24911_SpiderMan_forweb BBP24912_Venom_ForWeb BBP24913_GreenGoblin_ForWeb BBP24914_DocOck_ForWeb BBP24915_BlackCat_ForWeb BBP24927_Carnage_ForWeb