Sideshow Collectibles Opens New Pre-Orders In Celebration Of Star Wars Day



Sideshow Collectibles have opened some new pre-orders in celebration of Star Wars Day.

Included are:

  • Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader Statue
  • R2-D2 Legendary Sixth Scale Figure
  • C-3PO Legendary Sixth Scale Figure
  • Kylo Ren Premium Format Figure

Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader Statue
Price – $474.99
Release Date – March – May 2017

Sideshow spends a lot of our time creating 3D representations of some of the most recognizable pop-culture icons in the world and, for that reason, we are honored to present the Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader Statue – part of our Concept Artist Series.

Ralph McQuarrie is the man who gave us the design and visual representation of Darth Vader, and our statue has been created based on his original illustrations featuring an alternate concept helmet.

Standing just under two feet tall, this polystone piece is our homage to the man who gave us one of the most amazing characters to ever take the screen.

R2-D2 Legendary Scale Figure
Price – $2,000
Release Date – July – September 2017

To say that R2-D2 is only an astromech droid is selling this stalwart companion and adventurer short. True Star Wars fans know that without R2 there is a very real chance that the Rebellion itself would have ended in disaster. After all, it isnt every day that an overweight glob of grease is the one that saves the day.

Sideshows limited edition R2-D2 Legendary Scale Figure stands just under 2 tall and perfectly captures the digital soul of this iconic Star Wars character. Featuring a light-up head, articulated dome, reversible shoulder covers and magnetic restraining bolt, this statue is a perfect 1:2 scale representation of everyone’s favorite rolling blue astromech.

C-3PO Legendary Scale Figure
Price – $2,250
Release Date – April – June 2017

C-3PO may have begun his existence as nothing much more than a protocol droid, but we know better. We know that in his cursed metal body are the circuits of a would-be hero to the Rebellion. Well, if not a hero exactly, the constant friend and companion to R2.

The limited edition C-3PO Legendary Scale Figure by Sideshow is a breathtaking representation of our favorite interpreter. This 1:2 scale figure stands at just over 3 tall and is rich with screen accurate details and accessories such as:

  • Light-up eyes
  • Magnetic restraining bolt
  • Articulated head
  • Removable hip screw
  • Interchangeable shoulder O-rings

The combination of accessories allows proud owners to display C-3PO in the configuration that they most identify with from the movies.

Experience what it is to have your own Star Wars protocol droid at your beck and call he won’t even tell you the odds.

Kylo Ren Premium Format Figure
Price – $2,250
Release Date – April – June 2017

Sideshow is pleased to introduce the first Premium Format™ Figure from the blockbuster film – Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Kylo Ren! This museum quality reproduction of the powerful and hot-headed leader of the Dark Side depicts Kylo Ren with feet firmly planted, and an outstretched hand grasping at the tendrils of the Force. Masterfully crafted with an expertly tailored costume and his signature crossguard lightsaber, this statue captures the raw emotion often displayed by this knight of the Dark Side.

Masterfully crafted with an expertly tailored costume, his robes are handmade using an eight pass printing process to develop the screen accurate textured pattern. They also feature wires running through key points so that the drape and flow can be customized to the collector’s preference.

Our Kylo Ren Premium Format™ Figure also comes with a clenched right first and lightsaber hilt for the belt as an alternative display option and is a must-have for any Star Wars collection!


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