DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series 6″ Batman & Robin 2 Pack Official Details

DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Batman & Robin 2 Pack


DC Collectibles had previously announced that they will be offering a reissue of their Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile, which will include new 6″ Batman & Robin figures with soft-good capesas well as a new light-up Bat Single.

In addition, we had reported that DC Collectibles will be offering a 2 pack with the Bat Single for those of you that already bought the Batmobile, so you won’t have to re-buy it just for the new figures and Bat Signal.

The new 2 pack and Bat Signal will be priced at $70, and be available in August 2016. The Batman figure was sculpted by Irene Matar. The Robin figure and Bat-Single were sculpted by Gentle Giant.