Ask DST #318: Star Trek

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Diamond Select Toys provided the next round of Ask DST with answers for your burning Star Trek questions.

The 50th anniversary of Star Trek marches on, and as we get closer to the new movie, new TV series and new 50th anniversary Diamond Select Toys products, president DSTChuck is sitting down to answer a bunch of your Star Trek product questions in the 318th Ask DST! Got your own question? Submit it in the drop-down form above, or e-mail him! 

Steve M.
DSTZach suggested that this question be posed here. Given that preorders for the re-release of the 8″ retro line have been slow and DST is reexamining their options, would uniform changes for the main crew be considered? For example, collectors have long clamored for a ‘green shirt Kirk.’ Or perhaps a Klingon in more series-correct attire? McCoy in short sleeves, Scotty in an engineering jumpsuit….etc? This wouldn’t necessarily need to be an either/or proposition. With DST’s recent success with the Marvel retro with multiple outfits, has anyone ever considered releasing Kirk in his regular gold along with a nice little baggie in the blister that contains an additional uniform top? There are similar options for most of the main characters. Personally it’s hard for me to justify buying yet another Kirk, Spock, Klingon, etc. But if you throw on – or in – some different duds I’m a player.

DSTChuck: I suppose anything is possible. We’d need to do new development for the new uniforms, which would add to the cost as well, but it’s an interesting idea. BUT from what we saw, there was demand for some of the past figures, and those did not translate to orders. Also the new figure we ARE doing did not get many more pre-orders than the possible re-runs.

Scott R. 
I’ve recently been shown by my local comic store that you intend release on Romulan Bird of Prey in your Starship Legends series. I’ve looked up photos of the prototype you’ve displayed and I am slightly confused. Why are the nacelles red? It was only ever a grayish blue in the TV show, at least from what episodes I’ve checked. 

DSTChuck: We have still not seen a fully executed sample from the factory, so you must be talking about the prototype that we showed or placed out for pre-orders. As soon as we have a good sample, I am sure DSTZach will make a video.

David E.
Hi DST!I know that right now you guys are focused on doing the Star Trek Select’s slightly differently than your standard, more articulated Select lines but, Pleeeeaaase! Is there any chance you could include more articulation into these figures starting with Khan or the Select figure after Khan? While the interchangeable limbs are a neat idea, we’re limited by how much we can pose these. I understand DST want to do something new with the Star Trek figure line that is financially justifiable at this time, I just hope that moving forward, especially if you get the license to do toys for the new TV series, that your Star Trek action figures will have a more standard compliment of articulation in line with your recent Ghostbusters, Marvel and Muppets Select lines.

DSTChuck: Each figure is looked at differently, to some extent, but no, there are no plans to transition the Trek like to something more like the Marvel lines.

Ruben S.
Is it possible to make the laser pistol from the cage and where no man has gone before?

DSTChuck: We have no plans at this time or in the near future, but never say never.

Alexander H.
will there be any exclusives for star trek and or star wars at this year’s sdcc?

DSTChuck: There might be a Trek item, but it’s a little too early to announce or confirm. However, we no longer make Star Wars products at this time.

Sean A.
Hello! I just read Ask DST #314, mentioning there is a ton of New Star Trek products in the works. I’m hoping that the U.S.S. Stargazer and DS9’s Defiant are among the new ships that will be available. I have several DST starships already and look forward to adding more. 

DSTChuck: We have not planned any ships at this time past the Reliant, but that ship is one of the items currently in the works, along with a new Select figure and our TNG phaser. We hope to show off some of those new items at SDCC.

A question about the Select figure line.
Are you going to produce some figures in their red-black uniforms from TOS movies? As It was seen from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.
For example: Kirk with command chair 
Valeris at the helm console – Star Trek VI the Undiscovered Country 
Chekov and Sulu at the helm console 
Please consider from these! I want to add my collection!

DSTChuck: Right now we are developing the figure after Khan, and none of those are it. But we have not yet started designs on the figure after that, and at this point, nothing has been ruled out.

Andrew M.
I’m very excited to hear you guys are doing the Reliant. Is that something you guys think could realistically be out in 2016, or is it further out?

DSTChuck: Sorry, I doubt the Reliant will be in stores in 2016. But the plan is to show it off this year, and accept pre-orders for a 2017 release.