ToyHypeUSA Will Be Attending Power-Con 2016

Power-Con logo


ToyHypeUSA is proud to announce that we will making the trek out to Los Angeles, California this year to attend Power-Con. Power-Con takes place on June 4-5th. We will be covering some of the panels, as well as provide show coverage of the dealer room, exclusives, Four Horsemen Studios, Jim Parsons Creations, and more.

Complete show details about Power-Con, including guests, events and times, be sure to check out the official site for all of the information including the schedule.

This year, Mattel and PowerCon will be offering three Masters of the Universe Classics exclusives including:

  • Camo Khan
  • red minicomic Beast Man
  • green minicomic Granamyr

Obtaining these figures now might not be possible for those of you that are not attending Power-Con. You can pre-order these now on eBay from third-party sellers. These figures sold out during the ticket sale, and are very limited.
Power-Con 2016 Camo Khan Power-Con 2016 red minicomic Beast Man Power-Con 2016 green minicomic Granamyr