PowerCon 2016 – October Toys, Jim Parson Creations, Dealer Room Day 1



PowerCon 2016 is underway and we already have some pictures to share with you from the dealer room this morning. Also we have an update from October Toys, as well as images from Jim Parsons Creations. More coverage is coming throughout the weekend, including Panel coverage, video interviews with The Four Horsemen, October Toys, and Scott Neitlich.

October Toys:

Attending the booth this weekend is George Gaspar. There is a new slime green Skeleton Warrior on display as well as for sale at his booth, as well as OctoberToys.com starting June 15th. The Slime green Skeleton figure is their latest offering, and George says that they have plans to try and push for more Skeleton Warriors figures. Right now, following Grimskull’s unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, October Toys has no immediate plans to offer him. However, they also understand that army builder figures are key to any Kickstarter campaign, and the next time that they attempt this, they will look at army building characters. In addition, George wants to offer more Skeleton Warriors characters that were potential stretch goals during Baron Dark’s successful Kickstarter. With some luck, fans might be able to see those card arts in person at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

We will have a video chat with George Gaspar at some point tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Jim Parsons Creations:

Jim Parson Creations has some nice looking one of a kind custom figures on display (as he had briefly shown off on Facebook). Grazellka is the company next to his booth, and they both work together. Right now, these are no plans to go into production on these figures, for various reasons including cost effective, and needing a newly fully-tooled figure. These are fantastic custom figures, so make sure to take a look in the gallery below.

Dealer Room:

Shown are about a dozen different booths including Super7, and custom ThunderCats Lunatanks figures that cost $800 for the set. Super7’s Masters of the Universe 3.75″ ReAction figures are shipping now, so make sure to order them on Entertainment Earth or BigBadToyStore.


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