ToyHypeUSA Attending G.I. JoeCon 2016 This Week



ToyHypeUSA is on our way to Loveland, CO to attend the final Hasbro G.I. JoeCon. Starting Wednesday morning, we will be attending the Customizing Class to build Bullethead, and will have pictures to share with you.

Over the week and into the weekend, we will be covering the show including panels, dealer room, show exclusives, and more.

Hasbro will be hosting their panel on Saturday morning, which we will be covering. We expect Hasbro to reveal what’s in store for fans of the G.I. Joe, Transformers, ROM, and Micronauts brands. It was already revealed that these franchises will become one universe. We also expect Hasbro to talk about what’s in store as far as conventions next year, now that Fun Publications is out of the picture at the end of the year.

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