G.I. JoeCon 2016 – Hasbro Booth Video Walkthrough

Take a look at Hasbro’s upcoming line-up as announced at this year G.I. JoeCon 2016. We will have coverage of that panel and much more up on Tuesday.

2016 line-up available at Toysrus and Entertainment Earth.

Joes available in November

2 packs:

Snake Eyes and Renegade Storm Shadow (based on animated series- was hard to find) – both comes with alternate heads and tons of accessories

Sinister Allies – Cobra Viper and Iron Grenadier

Zombie Patrol – Zombie Viper and Zombie Horde

Heavy Conflict – Heavy Duty and Stiletto

Mission Accepted – Duke vs. Tombstone

10 pack available in case assortment – with 2 of each of the 5 packs

Squad 3 Packs:

Cobra Legion Trooper Legion- SAW Viper, Cobra BAT, Female Cobra Officer (ponytail is blonde, no hood covering the face)

Special Forces – Wolf Squad – Outback, Falcon, comes with a suitcase with sniper rifle, and Jude Shooter Craig


1000 Toys Sixth Scale Snake Eyes Figure