G.I. JoeCon 2016 – Hasbro Panel Video Coverage



Hasbro’s G.I. Joe brand team Derryl Depriest and Mark Weber are presenting Hasbro’s 2016 G.I. Joe product line, convention news, and more.

Highlights from the panel:

All names from Puzzle shown on Hasbro Pulse will be revealed

Partners include IDW, Gentle Giant, 1000 Toys (Sixth Scale Snake Eyes)

IDW Revolution – crossover even of all franchises – Gi Joe, Transformers, MASK, Micronauts, Action Man, ROM, Jem – Separate universe from Hasbro-verse

Larry Hama – continues to write Gi Joe comics with 34 years experience

Gentle Giant – 12″ Joes – Zap released later this year. Pre-Orders available.

SDCC 2016 – 1000 Toys Snake Eyes Figure

SDCC 2016 Exclusive – Transformers/Gi Joe – Scarlett with Rattler comes with Gi Joe, Cobra, and Autobot stickers

Tartan with Soundwave – Soundwave includes Gi Joe, Cobra, and Decepticon stickers

2016 line-up available at Toysrus and Entertainment Earth

Joes available in November

2 packs:

Snake Eyes and Renegade Storm Shadow (based on animated series- was hard to find) – both comes with alternate heads and tons of accessories

Sinister Allies – Cobra Viper and Iron Grenadier

Zombie Patrol – Zombie Viper and Zombie Horde

Heavy Conflict – Heavy Duty and Stiletto

Mission Accepted – Duke vs. Tombstone

10 pack available in case assortment – with 2 of each of the 5 packs

Squad 3 Packs:

Cobra Legion Trooper Legion- SAW Viper, Cobra BAT, Female Cobra Officer (ponytail is blonde, no hood covering the face)

Special Forces – Wolf Squad – Outback, Falcon, comes with a suitcase with sniper rifle, and Jude Shooter Craig

GI Joe Convention:

Darryl thanks Club for 20 years and shows some highlights such as parachute drop, diorama’s, Cosplay, authors, Kindle Worlds, podcasts, etc.

Hasbro Gi Joe convention partners with Fun Publications through 2018


Hasbro is considering 6″ Gi Joes

Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow 2 pack – paint apps need to be the same or its a new item (budget restrictions). Same goes for an accessory swap from another figure

BotCon Transformers con will take not be run by Fun Publications, more to come.

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