NECA Shipping Update: Aliens Series 8, Leatherface & LittleBigPlanet Series 2



NECA Toys announced that they are shipping out their Aliens Series 8, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Leatherface Mego style horror figure and series 2 of their LittleBigPlanet line to stores this week. Look for these to hit shelves in the coming weeks.

In addition, these are available to order now on their official eBay Storefront:

Aliens Series 8:

Our best-selling Alien line continues with more action figure debuts!

Series 8 focuses on 1992’s Alien 3, and includes Weyland Yutani Commando, Dog Alien, and the first Ripley figure from this movie to feature the likeness of Sigourney Weaver. Ripley in Prisoner Uniform comes with removable jacket, 2 sets of arms, and flashlight & torch accessories.

Weyland Yutani Commando comes with removable goggles, custom pulse rifle, and knife that fits in a boot sheath. The Dog Alien comes in brown and gray variants, with over 30 points of articulation and bendable tail. Each highly articulated figure stands approximately 7” tall (Dog Alien is over 9” tall).

1300w-ripley-alien31- 1300w-51379_Alien-Dog- 1300w-ripley-alien32- 5900x-Alien-Series-8-group  Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-002 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-010 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-013 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-004 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-006 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-009 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-007 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-005 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-003 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-008 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-025 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-020 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-017 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-023 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-014 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-021 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-029 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-027 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-026 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-028 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-030 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-035 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-032 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-033 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-034 Alien-Series-8-NECA-Pics-031


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (30th Anniversary) – 8″ Clothed Figure – Leatherface

To mark the 30th anniversary of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, our latest retro clothed action figure is an all-new Leatherface from the 1986 film, with packaging that features new custom artwork created by fan-favorite illustrator Jason Edmiston just for this release!

NECA-TMC2-LEatherface-Retro-001 NECA-TMC2-LEatherface-Retro-003 NECA-TMC2-LEatherface-Retro-002


LittleBigPlanet – Series 2 Action Figure Assortment

Our second assortment from Sony’s hit video game series includes three versions of the cute little burlap fellow: Happy Sackboy, Quizzical Sackboy, and Sackboy as Nathan Drake from Uncharted. Each poseable figure stands approximately 5.25” tall.

NECA-LBP-Nathan-Drake-Sackboy-3 NECA-LBP-Happy-Sackboy NECA-LBP-Nathan-Drake-Sackboy-1 NECA-LBP-Nathan-Drake-Sackboy-2 NECA-LBP-Quizzical-Sackboy