Sideshow Black Canary Premium Format Figure Pre-Orders

Sideshow Black Canary Premium Format Figure Pre-Orders



Sideshow Collectibles are now accepting pre-orders of their upcoming Black Canary DC Comics Premium Format Figure. This statue stands at 21″ tall and comes on a crumbling brick base. This Sideshow Exclusive include an additional Wildcat Meta Brawl Poster for the base.

This Premium Format Figure is priced at $449.99 and expected to ship May 2017 – Jul 2017. Get your pre-orders in right HERE.

Shhh! It’s already too late. Prepare yourself for the earth-shattering Canary Cry! 

Clothed in her form-fitting, black leather corset and fishnets, a nod to her earliest depictions, Gotham’s favorite songbird, Black Canary, joins Sideshow’s Premium Format™ Collection. This impeccable recreation of the heroine crime fighter from DC Comics leaps right off the pages of comic books and into an exquisite figure you need to complete your collection. 

But don’t let her sultry pose fool you, Black Canary’s finely handcrafted leather jacket and gloves remind you that she is an expert motorcyclist and ready to hop on her bike at any moment to meet trouble head on. 


Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-001 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-002 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-003 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-004 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-005 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-006 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-010 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-011 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-009 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-007 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-008 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-012 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-013 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-014 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-015 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-016 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-017 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-018 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-019 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-020 Sideshow-Black-Canary-Statue-021

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