Jada Toys Shows Off Some New Die-Cast Metal Figures At Anime Expo

Jada Toys 6-inch Hulk and captain america


Last weekend at Anime Expo, Jada Toys revealed some new products from Marvel, Star Trek, Power Rangers, Street Fighter, WWE, and DC’s Suicide Squad. Following the reveals, they sent along a new press release with some images to share.

1: Wave 2 of Avengers/Civil War Marvel figures 4”
2: Wave 2 of Suicide Squad 4”
3: Hulkbuster Iron Man 6” w/ 2” Iron Man “driver”
4: Star Trek 4” prototypes
5: Street Fighter 4” prototypes
6: Power Rangers 4” Prototypes
7: Guardians of the Galaxy 4” Prototypes
8: WWE 4” Prototypes

At this time, Jada Toys does not have images to share of most of these figures as the prototypes arrived just before Anime Expo. They do however have pictures of their 6” METALS Hulk from Age of Ultron! At 6” he is the perfect scale with your other 4” Avengers, Captain America, and Iron Man METALS die cast figures. There is no questions, this Hulk will Smash!

METALS figures really need to be held to be believed. At over 1/2 lb. each, Jada’s METALS line is breaking the mold with figure collectables. Many more are coming and many many more will be shown at SDCC later this month! Be sure to stop by our booth in the back of HALL D to see the latest METALs figures and pick up our awesome Civil War (Cap and Iron Man) and Suicide Squad (Harley and Joker) Bare Metals 2 pack exclusives ($30.00 each or show exclusive both for $50.00!) Both sets will be available post show at Hot Topic but without the SDCC “deal” and SDCC sticker on the front. Studio shots of both will be sent out next week.

6 imch Hulk back 6 inch hulk face 6 inch Hulk Front Jada Toys 6-inch Hulk and captain america