SDCC 2016: Entertainment Earth & Bif Bang Pow! Booth Coverage

SDCC 2016: Entertainment Earth & Bif Bang Pow! Booth Coverage



The Entertainment Earth includes their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives and some upcoming products from Bif Bang Pow!

Most of these products shown are available to pre-order now on Entertainment Earth.

Some products include:

– Star Trek: The Original Series Pin-Mate Bridge Playset

– Big Bang Theory 3.75″ figures

– The Twilight Zone 3.75″ figures

– Marvel Superheroes Pin-Mates

– DC Superheroes Pin-Mates

– Star Trek Pin-Mates

– Suicide Squad Pin-Mates

– Penny Dreadful 6″ action figures

– DC Superheroes Nesting Dolls

– & More

Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth has some surprises in store for fans in the near to distant future (more on this when official reveals happen).

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