SDCC 2016: Interview With Toy Sculptor Jean St. Jean On Creatureplica

SDCC 2015 - Creatureplica Figure Pre-Orders Are Up


At San Diego Comic-Con, we had a chance to talk for an hour and a half with the famous Jean St. Jean. He is known for as one of the most talented toy sculptors of our time. Most of our meeting was industry related, and unfortunately we cannot share this part with you. We will say that Jean is a great guy and very knowledgeable about many aspects about the field.

We do have some updates on his Creatureplica 7″ scale action figure line that hit last year. The line is doing well for the first run, and Jean is looking at expanding Creatureplica into a second series. He should have something to show us in a few months.

Jean says if anyone has a breakage issue, go to the Creatureplica site and ask for a replacement. The company will be happy to replace any broken figure.

Series 2 will include more variations of existing tooling, and offer something new as well. The figures using shared and newly tooled parts will be something like what the Four Horsemen are doing with Mythic Legions.

We asked about a half human, half werewolf figure as if he transforming into a werewolf. Jean says this is possible, but prefers to offer a figure that has swappable parts that mix and match. This also includes using existing parts. An Ultimate Werewolf pack with these swappable parts is possible, but this would be a transforming werewolf over a half split.

A Wendigo is possible for the second wave.

BigBadToyStore and Diamond placed decent sized orders. They are looking to expand the market. BBTS currently has the full wave for sale.

We will have more information about this line as it happens.