e-Hobby Announces Titans Return Optimus Primal Exclusive

e-Hobby Announces Titans Return Optimus Primal Exclusive

When Beast Wars toys had originally hit toy shelves, one of the first toys offered was Optimus Primal as a bat, and Megatron as an alligator in a two pack that remains to be one of the most remembered Beast Wars sets.

e-Hobby will be offering a retool of Titans Return Mindwipe mold, in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Transformers Beast Wars.

Shown in the images are Optimus Primal, with the included accessories of Sentinel Prime’s Titan Master, Galvatron Titan Master repainted as the alligator Megatron (as he was also offered in that vintage 2 pack),  Apeface Titan Master repainted as Optimal Optimus, as well as two swords.

We will let you know when pre-orders open up as well as the figures pricing.

Source: e-Hobby

e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-01 e-Hobby-Crocodile-Megatron-01 e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-02 e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-03 e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-04 e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-05 e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-06 e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-07 e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-08 e-Hobby-Bat-Optimus-Primal-09

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