Hasbro Star Wars TBS 3.75″ Wal-Mart Exclusive Wave Shows Up On BigBadToyStore

Hasbro Star Wars TBS 3.75-inch Wal-Mart Exclusive Wave Shows Up On BigBadToyStore


It looks like the Wal-Mart exclusive Star Wars: The Black Series 3.75″ line is no longer exclusive after all. Hasbro has said that this line is doing well, even though some stores are clogged with unsold figures and newer figures like the 3.75″ Captain Phasma is harder to find than she needs to be.

This line has had some set backs. With these mostly being retailer friendly characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and others. A collector line needs diversity, especially for this being the only fully articulated line offered right now, and to Wal-Mart of all stores. Collectors want specific characters other than A-listers, such as characters that don’t normally get released, Jabba’s Palace characters, and other characters that Hasbro already has on their lists. What’s been offered so far is bare minimum, which is only one of the reasons why these aren’t selling as well as they should, and wave 2 figures like Captain Phasma are nearly impossible to find. This should not be the case on a line that’s collector focused. If Wal-Mart had a big say as to what characters they want on their shelves, then that would explain some of the problems right there. As they normally don’t keep up with what fans of the franchise want.

With BigBadToyStore listing these figures as in stock with a case assortment and singles for $19.99, this line is no longer so exclusive. This is how it should have been from the start, as no one retailer should have this line that is meant to be in the hands of the collectors. This is just to give people a fair chance to obtain the characters that they want without the hassle, scalping, and headache of one store having it.