Mattel ThunderCats Third-Earth Lion-O Official Product Images

Mattel have released official product images of their upcoming Third-Earth Lion-O figure that will be shipping at the end of September due to a delay. This is simply heartbreaking at the start of the line it’s already being cancelled as Mattel will be pulling the plug on Mattycollector at the end of the year.

With each new update about ThunderCats, it only gets more depressing that the line will never have a chance of being complete. The only hope at this point of Super 7, that’s if they can obtains he license and continue the line. We will update once we know more.

mattel-thundercats-third-earth-lion-o-official-product-images mattel-thundercats-third-earth-lion-o-official-product-images-2 mattel-thundercats-third-earth-lion-o-official-product-images-3 mattel-thundercats-third-earth-lion-o-official-product-images-4