Sideshow Marvel Comics Hulk Vs. Wolverine Maquette

Sideshow Marvel Comics Hulk Vs. Wolverine Maquette

Sideshow Collectibles have released official photos and details of their upcoming Marvel Comics Hulk Vs. Wolverine Maquette.

The Hulk Vs. Wolverine Maquette is based on the very first meeting between Hulk and Wolverine from The Incredible Hulk #181 that was originally released in 1974. The polyresin statue stands at 23″ tall and will weigh in around 20 pounds. A Sideshow Exclusive edition looks to include an alternate head sculpt for Wolverine, based on his first appearance. The Hulk vs Wolverine Maquette is priced $649.99. Pre-Orders will go live later today.

hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-001 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-002 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-003 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-004 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-005 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-006 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-007 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-008 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-009 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-010 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-011 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-012 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-013 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-014 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-015 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-016 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-017 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-018 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-020 hulk-vs-wolverine-maquette-021

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