SDCC 2016 Exclusive Playmates Toys TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Bebop With Warthog Trike Review



Playmates Toys San Diego Comic-Con offering this year was a repaint of the TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Bebop With Warthog Trike created by Paul Jr Designs. This years exclusive was limited to only 500 pieces worldwide and sold at the Nickelodeon booth during the show. The Bebop with Warthog Trike features a vacuum-metallized “chrome” finish and Bebop includes his iconic purple glasses.

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con 2016 – July 20th-24th



The Warthog Trike comes with an exclusive Bebop figure and both are repaints of the standard retail release. The bike features a vacuum-metallized “chrome” finish and Bebop that is painted with purple hair, purple glasses, What sets this figure apart from the single packaged figure well as the standard 2 pack of Bebop and the Trike is the fact that he gets a much more detailed deco that highlights all of the great tooling on his jacket and pants. His body is the same as the other two figures, and instead of the head sculpt with the helmet, he uses the mohawk head used with the single packaged figure.  On the back of his jacket he is given silver deco and turquoise to highlight the tooling on the backed, and his pants are given some more silver deco compared to the other two figures, as well as painted shoe laces, blue deco on the front and back of the pants, and a silver belt buckle. All this extra deco truly brings out the tooling that would have made the previous figures stand out much more as opposed to leaving the pants black with some silver.

Bebops warthog skin is sculpted with some texture, and sculpted over the skin is a brown leather vest, bone necklace, a red tattoo on his left shoulder, and spiked wrist guards on both arms. The jacket is plain on the front, and some spikes, texture, and sculpted patterns on the back with the new silver deco. His purple hair is sculpted over the back of his vest, as well as his lower back, and the tail just hangs below out and over the pants. His head sculpt is sculpted with an open mouth, with four long teeth, a pig snout, and his purple glasses are non-removable and glued to the sides of his head. Underneath his chin is purple hair that is textured.

His stomach is wide, and rests over and stretches his paints. His pants are cast in black with the silver, blue, and grey shoe laces as mentioned above, and has some silver on the belt buckle, and the upper part of his legs have spikes that were also individually painted in silver. Included with Bebop is a chain whip with a lock attached at the end, and a crowbar. The articulation includes a swivel head, hinged-swivel shoulders, hinged-swivel elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, hinged-swivel hips, and hinged-swivel knees.

sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-07 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-26


The Warthog Trike is nicely detailed and features two firing green grenade launchers at the top, five rotating tires (four in the back that are sculpted together, one in the front), The name Bebop sculpted to both sides, chains with a lock sculpted on the sides and the lock hangs in the front. The bike also includes handlebars, spikes above the read and front tire covers, and the four green grenades on both sides connected to the black dashboard were painted black as opposed to being painted green like the retail offering. There is a lot of nice tooling on the body, with lots of line work that was left all in one solid color. The headlight also has some sculpted lines and painted in yellow, and the exhaust pipes are at the front and painted in grey.



What sets this trike apart from the retail version is the fact that it features a vacuum-metallized “chrome” finish, black glossy paint, gold deco highlighting the pattern on the dashboard, and the headlight was left silver as opposed to being painted yellow.


The Warthog Trike is an excellent set and one that both old and new fans will love. This set offers Bebop shown to be more of a badass than any previous version seen before. The Trike and Bebop truly looks great and has a superior deco than the previous offerings.

Highly Recommended.



sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-01 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-02 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-03 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-04 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-05 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-06 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-07 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-08 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-09 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-10 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-11 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-12 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-13 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-14 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-15 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-16 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-17 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-18 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-19 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-20 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-21 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-22 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-23 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-24 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-25 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-26 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-27 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-28 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-29 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-30 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-31 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-32 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-33 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-34 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-35 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-36 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-37 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-38 sdcc-2016-exclusive-playmates-toys-tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-bebop-with-warthog-trike-39