Mattel DC Multiverse 6″ Doomsday Collect & Connect Wave Review

Mattel DC Multiverse 6″ Doomsday Collect & Connect Wave Review




Mattel’s 6″ Collect & Connect figures are a mix of Comic-inspired, television, movies, and video game figures. These DC figures are sculpted by The Four Horsemen, as well as Mattel’s in-house team to bring you a variety of characters from several different DC properties.

Right now, Entertainment Earth is offering both singles of this wave for those of you (like us!) that can’t find these at brick & mortar stores. The singles are priced at $22.99 each, and the break down of the C&C parts and links to purchase are below (these figures were purchased at Entertainment Earth):

Availability: August 2016



Robin is a female that is based on The Dark Knight Returns from DC Comics in 1987. Carrie Kelley was written in the comics by Frank Miller to give fans a break of Robin’s like Dick Grayson, and Jason Todd. At the time, a female Robin was rather earth shattering as this was decades before more female superheroes were introduced into comics including a female Thor, among others.

Robin is scaled to the 6″ figure line and she stands slightly over 5″ tall, making her the shortest figure in the wave, as she should be considering she was short in the comics. She has a great sculpt and the likeness is uncanny. Her head sculpt features glasses that are solid and painted green, with orange hair. Her outfit is also newly designed, but keeps the red, green, and yellow colors of Robin.

Her articulation features a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows,  swivel wrists, swivel-hined hips, swivel waist, swivel thighs, hinged knees and ankles. The articulation in her legs are tight and it can be somewhat difficult to get them to bend. Her ankles also have a hinge joint that won’t budge, and if excessive force is applied here they could snap off. Since her skirt is made of soft plastic, it doesn’t really get in the way of her hip articulation. Her head sculpt doesn’t have the ability to look up, and really only has the ability to swivel and look slightly downward.

Included with Robin is her slingshot that she wielded in the comic. The slingshot fits into her hand and also can be stored on her belt (it can be a hassle to get it in there). The slingshot is made of soft plastic, and can’t be used to actually fire anything at opponents.



Batman is also based on his appearance in The Dark Knight Returns comic series. Batman is sculpted in his protective armor as seen in the comic, and is also one of the widest and biggest Batman figures ever sculpted by the Horsemen. The chest armor piece is made of a soft plastic overlay, which also covers around his neck. His arms and legs are protected by thick armor, with cylinder shaped gauntlets and shin guards. The cape is also plastic, and painted in blue. The head sculpt is helmeted with a thick and bulky design. Batman is gritting his teeth angrily, and the triangular white eyes look menacing. This particular version of Batman is an older aged Batman, and you can see some of the slight wrinkle lines around his mouth. Batman includes a sonic blaster, that can be placed in his left hand only, as his right hand is fisted. Batman’s feet are cleated, and there are two peg holes at the bottom of his feet that could be used to place him on a figure stand. The articulation is standard for figures of his size, and his ankles are hinged jointed. He also does not have swivel thighs.



Superman: Doomed is based on a Superman crossover comic book series from 2014. Superman kills Doomsday but is infected by a virus that causes Superman to mutate into a Doomsday-like creature. This figure features a retooled Masters of the Universe Classics torso with the bone spikes sticking out of his chest and shoulders. His upper legs also feature the Masters of the Universe Classics shared parts, with newly tooled boots, forearms, hands, head, and cape. His head sculpt features the black wavy Superman hair style, red eyes, sharp Doomsday teeth, and the Doomsday chin bones, along with the grey skin on his head, neck and hands. He is painted in the red, blue, and yellow costume, with a red cape, and the Superman logo on his chest and cape.



Lex Luthor is sculpted in his prison orange jump suit as seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and features the likeness of Actor Jesse Eisenberg. By the design, you can tell that this figure was sculpted by Mattel’s in-house team, rather than the Four Horsemen. Lex comes with plastic chains that wrap around his waist, and are connected to both forearms and ankles. The chains are removable, but it would appear that the chain around his waist is not. The orange jump suit includes prisoner numbers on the top right above the pocket, and the words Belle Reeve Penitentiary on his back. His articulation features a ball jointed neck (that wobbles), ab crunch, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged-swivel elbows, swivel wrists, waist rotation, hinged-swivel hips, hinged knees, and hinged ankles. His feet are covered in some basic style prison shoes that have some texture on the bottom.



The Mutant Leader also features Masters of the Universe Classics shared parts (minus the nipples as the Four Horsemen had sculpted as displayed at New York ToyFair in February), as well as a newly tooled head, lower legs, feet, bracelets, and accessories. The Mutant Leader is also based on Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns comic book series, and the figure depicts the characters menacing and ruthless personality. One major aspect about this figure is that he has no nipples as had mentioned above, so right away he’s missing a portion of his comic book accuracy that Mattel has spent a decade developing since the launch of Four Horsemen style DC figures in 2007. with DC Superheroes. Right now, Mezco is the only company that got the character right in their One:12 figure line.

As far as why Mattel didn’t include the nipples, our sources have told us it was most likely to save money. This wave has a lot of new tooling including New 52 Doomsday, Armored Batman, and other figures in this line were expensive to produce, so Mattel just had to cut corners somewhere, but we really wish that they didn’t. It’s a strange endeavor to have to offer a figure without the nipples that are so clearly illustrated in the source material, but this is just a sign of the times.

On a bit more positive note, the bulky Masters of the Universe Classics chest, arms, and legs look pretty good on Mutant Leader. But even with these big bulky parts, he’s still not big enough as he should be. He actually should be more physically imposing than Batman, and since Batman was also sculpted with Masters of the Universe Classics parts in an earlier wave, they’re the same size. Even with that, Mutant Leader does look good using these parts. He was also given his spikes around his ankles, waist, and wrists that are made with soft and bendable rubber. His articulation is what you would expect of MOTUC, but his head cannot look upward. His legs are also limited in range of motion, as they cannot make a 90 degree bend. The soft plastic overlay used for his crotch is what is preventing his legs from using all of the required movement.

Included are his comic-accurate large torch as well as the crowbar. Both of the accessories are nicely done.



Supergirl is based on the current Supergirl television series on the CW and features the likeness of Actress Melissa Benoist. Supergirl features a thin feminine sculpt and is sculpted in her red and blue uniform with gold trim around the S on her chest, and a gold belt. You can tell that this figure was sculpted in-house at Mattel, as she is certainly not the same standards as Four Horsemen sculpted DC figures. Her head sculpt includes light brown hair with some blonde highlights, her cape and skirt are made of soft plastic. The skirt doesn’t really get in the way of the hip articulation. Her articulation includes a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel wrists, ab crunch, waist rotation, swivel-hinged hips, hinged knees, and hinged ankles. Both of her hand sculpts are closed fisted, and there are peg holes cut at the bottom of her feet to stand her on a figure stand (a Mattycollector figure stand might be compatible for her as well as other 6″ figure stands).



Over the years in DC Universe Classics, Mattel has offered almost two dozen C&C figures, along with some on Mattycollector along with two Doomsday figures that are roughly this size. New 52 Doomsday stands almost 8 1/2″ tall and is made of lighter plastic compared to previous C&C figure offerings (Justice Buster was also offered in light plastic). Doomsday is highly detailed with bones sticking out of his skin as seen in the comics. The sculpt is basically what you would expect to see of C&C figures, and according to our sources, the Four Horsemen actually did not sculpt this figure. Doomsday ‘s head sculpt features two large tucks on either side that curve, sharp teeth, red eyes, a red tongue, and bones coming through his chin, and forehead. Doomsday is sculpted with a black belt with silver buckles, green shorts, and textured black straps around the bottom portion of the shorts. Not every bone on his body was painted, as the back of his forearms and knees were left dark grey instead of painting them light grey just to save a little money. His feet are bare, with the toes individually sculpted, which is a nice touch. One small issue that we noticed about Doomsday is that the arms can disconnect by being pulled apart, which previous figures did not have this problem.


The New 52 Doomsday C&C wave is a great addition to the 6″ DC Multiverse line from Mattel. A few of the figures here have their issues that we had mentioned, but nothing too big to give any figure here negative feedback. New 52 Doomsday is simply amazing and well designed.

Highly Recommended.


Entertainment Earth



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