NECA Toys Aliens Series 9 Albino Alien Figure Review

NECA Toys Aliens Series 9 Albino Alien Figure Review



NECA Toys newly released Aliens Series 9 includes some highly requested characters and is one of the most impressive looking line-ups in the to-date. Series 9 includes Private Jenette Vasquez, Private Ricco Frost, and The Albino Alien that is a concept figure based on the original James Cameron screenplay.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing Aliens Series 9 Private Ricco Frost Figure for review.

The Albino Alien is our first concept figure from the 1986 movie. It was inspired by the original James Cameron screenplay, which describes an albino version of the Xenomorph that has an excreting probe in place of the usual second inner mouth. The Albino Alien has over 30 points of articulation and features a bendable mouth probe and a frightening new color scheme.

Availability: September 2016



The Albino Alien stands 9-1/4″” tall and is based on the unused concept design for the 1986 Aliens movie. In the film, the drone is described as an Albino version of the Xenomorph that has an probe instead of the secondary inner mouth as seen with all other Xenomorph’s. The Albino Alien uses the probe to create cocoons that immobilize hosts while their chestbusters gestate.

The Albino Alien uses the standard Xenomorph sculpt as seen with other figures, and includes a newly tooled head sculpt. The new head was necessary so that his probe can be inserted inside his mouth, with is a long bendable piece with a tooth at the end. The probe fits inside the mouth nicely and is held in place by an opening inside the mouth. The body itself features a very detailed sculpt with a bendable tail, and all the articulation seen with previous figures.


The Albino Alienis an excellent detailed figure with movie likeness and features that Aliens fans will love. The paint deco is also nicely done and detailed.

Highly Recommended.


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