Ask Jada Q&A With Scott Neitlich – October 1st, 2016

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Jada Toys is now offering ‘Ask Jada,’ which will answer monthly reader questions about their Die-Cast figures currently out on store shelves as well as some online stores including Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore. Email us the next round of questions for Scott Neitlich by Friday October 14th at 12 Midnight EST. Send the email to [email protected]. The questions submitted Thursday will come back to us on or around November 1st.

1. Any plans for a 1966 Adam West Batman die-cast figure line?

Definitely something that would be cool. We are working with our great partners at Warner Bros. and DC comics to expand our DC vehicles in our die cast lines in 2017. We’re a bit far off from details right now, such as the inclusion of figures. Likely there will be more to tell (and maybe show!) a New York Toy Fair in Feb. But we think you will be excited about what may come! 

2. How can fans express to Jada Toys on products that they would like to see as far as vehicles for the die-cast figures? Would something like an official poll or forums be considered for fans to express their opinions? I think fans would love to see a 1966 Batmobile, X-Men’s Blackbird, Avengers Quinjet, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, and a few other vehicles that I had written in about last time.

The best place to post is on our Facebook page and on, our new fan based site with fan forums, blogs and news stories we launched at SDCC. You can leave feedback there and we read it every day to see what fans are saying. We also love hearing from fans at conventions and shows. We recently wrapped up the Game Stop convention in Anaheim California where tons of fans came out to tell us what they want to see in the METALS line (and had a chance to win a 2.5” DC figure in our Suicide Squad themed carnival strength game! It was a blast!  

3. One more question as far as vehicles. The Turtles ’88 van would be something that I would love to see Jada Toys take on in die-cast form and can seat at least one figure. How can fans express interest in something like this so that Jada Toys can keep track on how many potential buyers that there would be for something like this?

Pretty much the same answer as above. Our website has fan forums and blogs you can post comments on as well as our Facebook account. You can also tweet us @Metalsdiecast. We are huge TMNT fans and the 88” van would be awesome. Personally I had both that and the blimp as a child and they were some of my favorite toys. I loved the way the side door would spring out with a Turtle strapped in and smash into the Foot Clan. It was a truly timeless toy! 

4. When will Jada Toys reveal the WWE Die-Cast figure line-up at San Diego Comic-Con? Also, will these be classic wrestlers, modern, or both?

Look for the next big reveal at NYTF in Feb! 

5. Any plans on introducing ThunderCats die-cast figures or even Masters of the Universe?

While I personally have a big love for those brands and a big history with them, we don’t have plans at Jada at this time. But let us know if we should be looking towards Eternia and Third Earth in the future as we continue to expand the METALS die cast world!

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