DC Collectibles Greg Capullo Designer Series Wonder Woman Figure Review



DC Collectibles Greg Capullo Designer Series latest wave is available now and includes Wonder Woman, Survival Gear Batman, The Flash, and The Joker. Wonder Woman is based on the epic “Batman: Zero Year” storyline as seen in DC Comics. The series was a year long event that tells the untold tale of an inexperienced Bruce Wayne’s formative years in his war on crime, before honing his craft and establishing himself as The Batman.

Thank you to DC Collectibles for providing their Greg Capullo Designer Series Wonder Woman figure for review.

Availability: September 2016



Wonder Woman is sculpted in her New 52 outfit as seen in the Zero Year event from DC Comics during June 2013 through July 2014. The outfit is a redesign from her classic look and she is painted with a red top, blue shorts and boots, silver edges around her clothing, and white stars on her shorts. She also is sculpted with silver bracelets a necklace with a “W” sculpted in the front, and a silver headband on her forehead with a red star. Sculpted to her left thigh is a holster for his sword, and attached to her right hip is the lasso of truth that cannot be removed.

Her articulation is decent, but is limited to the fact that her hips are only swivel joints that can move the legs forward and backwards. So posing her in some realistic fighting poses is not possible. She has a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged hips, hinged knees, and swivel boots.


The Greg Capullo designer series is a personal favorite, and Wonder Woman captures the likeness of the design very well. Some improvements such as additional articulation in the hips wouldn’t hurt, but overall a nice looking figure.



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