Hasbro Transformers Combiner Wars Computron Technobots Boxed Set Review

Hasbro Transformers Combiner Wars Computron Technobots Boxed Set Review



Hasbro’s final Combiner Wars box set of Computron is available now at our friends at Entertainment Earth with free U.S. Shipping. We learned that this is the last Combiner Wars boxed set being offered from the Transformers brand team at the Hasbro VIP Breakfast at San Diego Comic-Con. As a line, Combiner Wars performed very well for Hasbro, which is inspired by the Generation 1 toy line of the 1980’s and early 1990’s.



Computron is made up of 6 Autobot Technobots warriors including:

  •  Scrounge
  • Afterbreaker
  • Lightsteed
  • Scattershot
  • Strafe
  • Nosecone

Computron is the combination of the five Autobot Technobots. Typically, the combiner process dulls the wits of the individual Transformers because the minds of the individual robots are working in tandem and may not mesh well with each other. However, such is not the case for Computron. The Technobots managed to remedy that problem by pooling their intellects as one cohesive force, but in the process, severely lagged Computron’s reaction time. Before coming to any decision, Computron must analyze the opinions of every individual Technobot, resulting in his falling behind in battle. In the end, he always makes the correct choice, but more often than not it’s too little, too late.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth for providing Hasbro’s Transformers Combiner Wars Computron Technobots Boxed Set for review.

Availability: August 2016


hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-12 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-46


Scattershot is a repaint of Combiner Wars Silverbolt and the vehicle mode is a space jet repainted with dark red, white, red, and some blue highlights on the nose. The cockpit has a windshield, which is likely the bridge that is on the long cannon at the front. The red and dark red deco works well together and the dark red is on the back of the space jet.

Scattershot is a voyager-class figure and makes up the body for Computron. His robot mode is a decent match to G1 Scattershot and his head sculpt and the white deco and blue shades pays homage to the classic animated series. The rest of the body suggests he is based on the vintage toy, except that the red on the arms and the chest would need to be magneto to the vintage toy more accurately. Included with Scattershot is a long gun that can be attached to his back, hand, and is also used as the weapon for Computron. The shield is also removable, and can be placed in his other hand.


hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-15 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-64


Lightspeed is a repaint of the Protectobot Streetwise, which was originally a police car used for Streetwise. He is painted in red and grey deco, with an Autobot symbol on the left and right side doors. The original Lightspeed toy looked to be a futuristic car  with a large, domelike windshield dominating an otherwise red form. This car is clearly an Earth automobile, so it’s hard to compare him to the G1 toy or animated appearance. It is hard to tell by the image, but the red paint is actually a different shade from the doors and hood, compared to the rest of the body.

His robot mode is painted mostly in grey, with parts of being red, and he has blue shades along with a silver face. The sculpt matches closely to other Combiner Wars figures released as well as his articulation. He includes a  Triple-barreled shotgun accessory, and also is the right leg for Computron. It’s really up to you should you decide to make him an arm or a leg, a each figure in the set gives you this option and you don’t need to follow the instructions to create one of his limbs.


hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-25 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-63


Strafe is a remold of Combiner Wars Air Raid that was used for Superion. He reuses the leg backs, figure’s back, the tail fins, and the first hinge on the nose assembly. What is new to the figure is the nose, along with the small and large wings. The new parts are nicely done and bring out the modernized version of Strafe’s Generation One toy.

His robot mode is based on the vintage head mold of the original toy, but the colors do not match up with either the toy or animated appearance. The silver deco is slightly tinged with red, and this likes a kind of metallic rose color. The body itself uses the same parts as Air Raid, and he also has all the articulation seen in Combiner Wars figures. Strafe does not come with any removable accessories, but his guns are sculpted to his back and cannot be used to fire without having the figure bend forward. Strafe becomes the left arm for Computron, or a leg should you choose to do it that way.


hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-19 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-77


Nosecone is a repaint of the Decepticon Brawl figure of the Menasor wave. In vehicle mode, the peg for the drill actually plugs into the back end for a more secure fitting, so our image above with the drill on top isn’t quite accurate. It’s unusual for an accessory, especially, a drill to be stored this way, but this is how it states it on the instructions. The new deco includes includes brown, yellow, red, and silver along with orange deco on his face in robot mode. The mold remains the same, except for the new drill.

In robot mode, he also doesn’t quite live up to his Generation One appearance. The only match he makes with the vintage toy is the treaded arms and the yellow deco on the front of the legs. The sculpt is the same as Brawl’s with the bulky build and the only difference is the deco and the new drill as we mentioned above. There are also panels on the side with a Decepticon logo on the upper left hand side. The crouch piece does now work as Brawl’s did not lock. The tank trends become the shoulders and arms, and the legs make up the back half of the tank. Nosecone becomes the right leg for Computron, but this is up to you should you decide to make him an arm or a leg.


hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-33 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-78


Scrounge is a remold of Cosmos and is painted in yellow, with red trim, silver, and some blue deco. He is based on the vintage comic, but also was not featured as a flying saucer in the comic. So this is something new for him. The robot mode is unchanged from Cosmos, except that the new head sculpt is harder to pull in and out of the center. The yellow overpowers the other deco as seen in the comic, so this is very well done. In robot mode, Cybaxx becomes a gun for Scrounge. Scrounge attaches himself to Strafe in combined Computron mode using the peg hole on Strafe.


hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-36 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-84 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-103


Cybaxx is the mini-con partner for Scrounge and attaches to him wen both are in vehicle mode as shown above. When combined, the two create a shield that has to stick straight up, which is odd. Cybaxx attaches the bottom of his feet to Scrounge’s blasters in flying saucer mode.


hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-91 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-105 hasbro-transformers-combiner-wars-computron-technobots-boxed-set-97


Computron is the combined form of all the above figures in this box set. The figure is based on the Generation One as the colors do a pretty nice job matching it. The head however should have been painted in red, rather than magneta. But as the chestplate is magneta, it does look pretty good. The antenna’s on his head are made of soft plastic as this is a repaint of Superion. Some paint rubbing might occur here so be careful when storing and displaying next to other figures. On Computron’s chest plate, there are tampographed details on the sides that are based on stickers on the center of Generation One’s Scatterhot chest. These are nice details that represent vents. The hands and feet on Computron are non-articulated. The hands are fisted with an opening to fit the blaster in at the center,. The hands and feet are Generation One inspired of the vintage toy, and Hasbro did a great job here keeping it G1 accurate. The feet are bulky, and have a five-position ratcheting rocker ankles.

The articulation works pretty well especially as Afterbreaker and Strafe as the arms, but Nosecone and Lightspeed as legs don’t work so well as there is no room for articulation and bending them. Afterbreaker and Strafe are better options, but they also make better options as the arms.


The Computron boxed set is Hasbro last Combiner Wars offering. The figure is a terrific mix of toy, animated, and comic book inspired. Computron is a fantastic figure with the best feet and hand sculpts released in this line, which is also the most G1-accurate. The figure pays a great homage to the vintage toy and fans of this line as well as the vintage line will love this figure.

Highly Recommended.


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