S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mk VI & Hall Of Armor Versions Coming To U.S.

S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mk VI & Hall Of Armor Versions Coming To U.S.



Bluefin Tamashii Nations will be offering a stateside version of their Iron Man Mark VI and the Hall of Armor set. These were only previously offered as an import through Japan and this combo option will also not be available at the Japan market, only U.S.

Bluefin will be distributing this set to its retail partners here in the U.S. and this will be available in April 2017.

Keep your eyes posted for Pre-Orders on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.

For the first time, Tamashii Nations is releasing the first ever S.H.Figuarts Marvel item for U.S. distribution: The Iron Mark VI and Hall of Armor!

This special package is not available in Japan and has been specially made just for us here in the USA! Pre-order yours today!

Iron Man Mark VI and Hall of Armor Set “Iron Man”, Bandai S.H.Figuarts

$119.99 April 2017

Recreate Tony Stark’s lab with the S.H.Figuarts IRON MAN MARK VI and Hall of Armor Set! The S.H.Figuarts Hall of Armor project begins with the return of the iconic MARK VI suit from IRON MAN revamped with a completely refined sculpt. The spectacular Hall of Armor includes LED light-up features in the front, back and sides to illuminate your armor collection. Not only that, multiple hall of armor pieces can be connected, taking your collection even further! Set includes interchangeable hand parts(L×3, R×3), interchangeable shoulder part set, interchangeable leg armor set, effect parts set, and Hall of Armor attachment parts.

shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-001 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-002 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-003 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-004 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-005 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-006 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-012 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-007 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-008 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-009 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-010 shf-iron-man-mark-6-and-hall-of-armor-set-011

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