Dragon Ball Z Frieza Final Form Figure-rise Standard Model Kit Review

Dragon Ball Z Frieza Final Form Figure-rise Standard Model Kit Review



The Bandai Hobby line of articulated Dragonball Z figures are now offered as model kits, not to be confused with their very popular S.H. Figuarts line. Frieza comes unassembled in a box and each piece is carefully attached and stored to a tray that are identified as A1, A2, B, and trays for the accessories and acrylic stand as shown in the instructions with the letter on the tray itself.

These model kits are also a cheaper alternative compared to the S.H. Figuarts line, with giving fans another opportunity to purchase characters like Frieza and Cell that are no longer available. Super Saiyan Son Goku is taller and has a few points of articulation less compared to his S.H. Figuarts counterpart, along with fewer accessories and facial sculpts.

This set requires the Mr. Super Tool Set or something similar for assembly. You need the tweezers to carefully remove each piece from the tray, along with the marker to dot the eyes in black ink.

Thank you to Bluefin for proving the Bandai Hobby Dragon Ball Z Frieza Final Form Figure-Rise Standard Model Kit for review.

Availability: October 2016



Frieza is based on his final form as seen in the Dragon Ball Z animated series and stands at 5 1/4″ tall. The figure depicts his first encounter and battle with Goku, as both characters power up to their full power as they prepare for battle. The sculpt has a more accurate animated look and feel to it, along with two facial sculpts that almost mirror his animated design. The figures requires assembly as he comes in dozens of pieces inside the box, which make up his arms, legs, chest, torso, head, and his accessories. Frieza is hollow as he is put together piece by piece, and this brings him to being much lighter weight compared to any Frieza figure released in the S.H. Figuarts line. He is sculpted in his grey and purple skin.



Frieza also includes five interchangeable hand sculpts, which include fisted, open handed, and pointing finger for his right hand. The open hand sculpts and pointing hand sculpt work best with the blast affects that works on the stand. These are fewer accessories and customizable options than what you normally get with S.H. Figuarts, but you still get a decent amount of options to display him especially at the price point. The acrylic stand works for both of the effects, and comes with several different tops to pose them. Frieza also includes a small sticker sheet, with stickers for one his mouth, toe nails, and ears as shown in the gallery.

About half way through the photoshoot, his right arm snaps off just as we’re changing the head sculpts, so you might want to be aware that the plastic used is relatively on the cheaper side given the price point of $24.99 USD, and does have a tendency to break easily. Some glue fixed it, but now the shoulder no longer can be articulated.


Frieza is a great figure and is a cheaper alternative to S.H. Figuarts.  We were very impressed with the design and planning that went into this and the instructions do a great job making each step as clear as possible. Dragonball Z fans will simply love this line of articulated figures.

Highly Recommended.


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