Ask Jada Q&A With Scott Neitlich – November 1st, 2016

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The next round of Ask Jada from Jada Toys is now available from Scott Neitlich, the Marketing Director of the Die-Cast figure lines. Scott will answering monthly reader questions about their Die-Cast figures currently out on store shelves as well as some online stores including Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.

Email us the next round of questions for Scott Neitlich by Monday November 28th at 12pm Midnight EST. Send the email to [email protected]. The questions submitted will come back to us on or around January 1st.

1. I was hoping to see Jada Toys offer Krangs Android body in the die-cast line-up as part of the next wave. Would an oversized 6″ figure be something that you can look into?

It certainly is! We would love to explore more TMNT characters, and the ones who have METALS as part of their body are great candidates. And we are also conscious of scale noting how larger characters (like Krang or Hulk) work well at 6” when put with 4” figures. Nothing to confirm now but we are big fans!

2. I am loving your Marvel line right now and was wondering if you are planning figures of the Fantastic Four. Also, would the Fantasticar be something that you could look into?

We do love the Fantastic Four and are big Marvel Universe fans at Jada. No direct info to announce at this time, but stay tuned as we continued to work with our great partners at Marvel and Disney consumer products to expand our Marvel METALS offerings. We love hearing what fans want to see!

3. Any chance you can articulate the arms and legs of your figures to create some dynamic poses?

This is actually on a license by license basis. We do not have “articulation rights” for all of our METALS  brands (but some we do); meaning some of our die cast figures are required to be non articulated per our license. Does that clarify? We will explore putting articulation in when possible, but it is not something that can be applied universally do to our articulation/non articulation license rights by brand. 

4. Would Stay Puft , Janine, Gozer, Vigo, and others be a possibility as an oversized figure for the Ghostbusters line?

Sure! No plans right now but it is possible. 

5. Any possibilities for The Real Ghostbusters die-cast figures?

Figures from the animated series would be very cool as METALS. We will have to continue to see what fans want in the Ghostbuster line but in no way is this off the table!