JAKKS Pacific Star Wars: The Force Awakens 18″ BB-8 Deluxe Figure Review & Giveaway



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Thank you to Entertainment Earth for providing JAKKS Pacific Star Wars: The Force Awakens 18″ BB-8 Deluxe Figure for review.

Availability: 2016



The BB-8 unit is an update to the Astromech droid that was featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has a more circular design. As it stands, this droid is the only one of it’s kind seen in the new Star Wars trilogy with a unique grey, orange, and silver deco.

JAKKS Pacific went above and beyond on this release with giving BB-8 several different electronic sounds and lights as see in the film. While he can’t roll around, he has three detachable stands on the bottom that hold him in place for display purposes. The 18″ figure also has a secret compartment on his side that reveals his tool arm and has the ability to extend, as well as move the thumb up, down, or straight. His head is ball jointed, and you can move it around, or turn it about three quarters all the way around. The antenna’s on top of his head are removable, and are stored inside the box, along with the stands. The paint apps are extremely well done and movie-accurate, with crisp edges and detail. The black domes on his head are also very well done that brings out the movie accuracy.


Movie accurate, electronic with lights and sounds, and 18″ tall makes this BB-8 unit one great collectible to add to your Star Wars line. Fans of the film will definitely want to check this out, or you can enter in our giveaway above and possibly win one of these!



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