Mattel: ThunderCats Classics Jackalman Figure Review



Mattel’s ThunderCats Third Earth subscription continues on and while both Jackalman and Evil Lyn were delayed, they have finally arrived. Jackalman is the first villain in the line-up, and with the decayed version of Mumm-Ra shipping out next month exclusively to subscribers, several core characters are already completed and just in time for the line’s cancellation in December. Pumyra will ship along with Mumm-Ra in November, and Panthro in December. After that, Super 7 is hoping to one day continue this line as they do not have the license to make ThunderCats toys, as Mattel’s license does not expire until an unknown date. Hopefully more figures are coming, and it’s just a matter of time.

Availability: October 2016



Jackalman is based on the 1980’s ThunderCats animated series and given a bit of a realistic touch by the Horsemen. His fur features texture that makes him look realistic and less-cartoony. His entire body is covered in a textured fur, including the white part of his chest, hands and feet, with the exception of his fingers and toes. His shoulders, the back of his head, lower portion of his head, and under his chin have long hair. This was sculpted by making the chest harness, should pad, and hairy shoulder, along with the back and front of his neck all one piece that does not appear to be removable. His head is separate from this and rests on a ball joint. The only other clothing on Jackalman is a lion cloth with a black belt, along with a leopard spotted arm guard, grey bracelet on his right hand, and ankle bracelets.

Included with Jackalman are a club, his spear-axe, and two extra hands sculpts.


Jackalman is an excellent figure that is extremely well done, painted and sculpted. Fans of the classic series will love this figure.

Highly Recommended.



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