Entertainment Earth Press Release: Star Wars Sales Up By 72%

Entertainment Earth Press Release: Star Wars Sales Up By 72%

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Entertainment Earth sent out a press release today announcing that Star Wars toy sales have increased as high as 72% on merchandise including action figures, Roll Play Items, and more.

SIMI VALLEY, CA: November 15, 2016

People who buy pop culture toys and collectibles are still star struck by Star Wars and are showing renewed interest in action figures across all media properties, according to recent sales data from Entertainment Earth®, a leading Internet retailer of licensed pop culture merchandise.

Over the past three months, Star Wars products sold 72% better than in the previous three-month period. Continued enthusiasm for the most recent movie in the series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as excitement for this December’s release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story helped drive sales of toys and collectibles related to the ongoing space saga. September 30, the day several major companies unveiled new licensed Star Wars products, also helped account for strong sales.

“The Star Wars action figure collector has always been a staple of our business,” says Jason Labowitz, President and Co-Founder of Entertainment Earth. “And we’re already seeing strong demand for new Rogue One merchandise.”

Suicide Squad, the supervillain team-up film from DC Entertainment that debuted in August, also cracked the Entertainment Earth list of most popular product themes based on units sold, after having been absent the previous three months. The movie’s strong and sustained box office correlates with consumer demand for products featuring Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deadshot, and the film’s other characters.

Action figure unit sales in general increased 47% from the previous three-month period. At this time last year, figures trailed behind Funko’s line of Pop! Vinyl figures. Vinyl figures by Funko and other manufacturers continue to sell briskly, but poseable, playable action figures are currently the best-selling type of collectible for Entertainment Earth.

Roleplay merchandise (toy weapons, masks, and other accessories) and prop replicas also appeared on this three-month period’s list of top product types. They did not make the list in the previous period. Labowitz suggests consumers eager to make the latest apparel, accessories, and replicas from Hollywood blockbusters part of their Halloween costumes may have driven sales in these categories.

Additionally, Entertainment Earth saw sales of toys and collectibles from their in house brands Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth rise 65% from the previous three months. The company attributes this increase to the high visibility and active presence of Big Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth brands at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in late July. The Bif Bang Pow! brand offers their new line of Pin Mate™ wooden figures, action figures, bobble heads, prop replicas and more for a host of pop culture properties, including recent notable movies like Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. The Entertainment Earth brand offers the patent-pending Chair Cape™ line and other unique collectibles. All are available at entertainmentearth.com.

Looking ahead to the holiday retail season, Entertainment Earth sees clients adding several of Funko’s Pop! Vinyl figures to their wish lists on the company’s website. An Entertainment Earth Exclusive Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is one of the most wanted items. Other popular selections include Hasbro’s Furby Connect electronic plush toy and a plush of the famous Internet cat – Lil Bub.

Entertainment Earth prides itself on offering items to suit collectors no matter their interest, Mint Condition Guaranteed. The company also offers collectors risk free shopping. The company will also continue to add exclusive items and special limited offers throughout the holiday season, encouraging pop culture-minded consumers to take care of all their holiday shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

About Entertainment Earth®, Inc.
Entertainment Earth® (entertainmentearth.com) is the preeminent pioneer and innovator in the worldwide online retail and wholesale toy, gift, and collectibles industry, offering unparalleled expertise and an ever-expanding selection of over 30,000 licensed products. Founded in 1996 and based in Simi Valley, California, Entertainment Earth is renowned for its popular website and print catalog, and its groundbreaking best practices that include Mint Condition Guaranteed™, Risk Free Shopping, and Hassle Free 90-Day Returns.

About Bif Bang Pow!
Bif Bang Pow!™ designs and develops first-rate merchandise from well-known licenses such as Shark Tank, Marvel, The Big Lebowski™, DC Comics™, KISS®, Flash Gordon™, Penny Dreadful™, Mike Tyson Mysteries™, The Big Bang Theory™, Star Trek™, and The Twilight Zone™. Co-founders Jason Labowitz and Jason Lenzi are the ultimate fans of cultish pop culture, so when they created this company in 2005, they took the fan’s perspective. Their idea was to bring items to the marketplace that they themselves would want to own. Cultivated from TV, movies, books, comics, music, and more, the Bif Bang Pow! mission is to provide high-quality action figures, toys, and collectibles to the massive cult audience (and any kid at heart) that wishes these toys were already in their collection.

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