Super 7: Masters Of The Universe Classics Ultimate Figures Packaging Preview



Super 7 have revealed the packaging of their upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics toy line coming in 2017. Pre-Sales of the figures are available now for made-to-order as opposed to subscriptions. The packaging is based on the vintage He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toy line of the 1980’s, and pays a great homage to it.

Each figure, including Ram Man are priced at $35 and comes with alternate head sculpts and every accessory ever made for the character that Mattel previously offered. The pre-sale runs until 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday, November 30th.

The Lord of Destruction comes with Skeletor sword, half sword, Ram head staff, Keldor head and cape, Power Sword, and mini-comic version head!

The Most Powerful Man in the Universe comes with He-Man sword, half sword, axe, shield, vintage style and mini-comic style heads, and mini-comic version Power Sword!

The Evil Robot of Skeletor arrives with orange Skeletor armor, He-Man Power Sword, Half Power Sword, mini-comic version Power Sword, battle axe, shield, and vintage style and battle damaged heads!

The Warrior Goddess comes with Cobra headdress, sword, Cobra staff, shield, alternate blonde hair and battleground heads, and spear!

The Heroic Human Battering Ram comes in mini-comic colors with alternate head and axe!

motu-ultimate-he-man motu-ultimate-ram-manmotu-ultimate-skeletormotu-ultimate-faker motu-ultimate-teela