DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures The Joker Figure Review



DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures The Joker figure shipped alongside Harvey Bullock, The Joker, Scarface, and Talia Al Ghul from Batman: The Animated Series.

The Joker is based on the episode “Joker’s Millions,” which had originally aired on February 20th, 1998. He is numbered as 34 of the line.

The Joker is revealed to be having money problems, but all of that soon changes when he inherits a massive fortune from his old rival King Barlowe. The Joker is made a free and wealthy man, however the Clown Prince soon realizes that his fortune is not what he thought it was, as King Barlowe has pulled one last joke from beyond the grave.

Availability: November 2016



The Joker is based on his appearance as seen in The New Batman Adventures, which was a new title following Batman The Animated Series. The figure depicts the likeness as seen in the episode “Jokers Millions”, and he is sculpted in his purple suit, green shirt, purple tie, a green boutonniere, purple belt, purple gloves, and blue and black shoes. His head sculpt is nicely done with a big smile on his face, turquoise trim in his hair, black hair, and his head is painted in grey. The hair is sculpted as seen in the episode, and has some sharp edges around the back and in front. Included with The Joker are three sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, a pistol, and an acrylic figure stand with base.



The hyenas, Bud and Lou, were seen in a couple of episodes of the series and are pets to The Joker and Harley Quinn. They were named after the classic comedy duo Bud Abbot and Lou Costello. The hyenas are also sculpted very nicely and depict the the likeness as seen in the show. They have limited articulation including swivel thighs, ball jointed necks, and ball jointed tails that have very limited range of motion. While the bodies are the same, the head sculpts are different with one open, and one with a closed mouth. They are each painted in brown with black spots, and a red collar around the upper parts of their backs.


The Joker and the hyenas both feature excellent sculpts with great likeness to the animated series. Fans of the show will definitely want to add these characters to their collection.

Highly Recommended.


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