Ask Jada Q&A With Scott Neitlich – December 1st, 2016

Ask Jada Q&A With Scott Neitlich – December 1st, 2016

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The next round of Ask Jada from Jada Toys is now available from Scott Neitlich, the Marketing Director of the Die-Cast figure lines. Scott will answering monthly reader questions about their Die-Cast figures currently out on store shelves as well as some online stores including Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and Amazon.

Email us the next round of questions for Scott Neitlich by December 20th at 12pm Midnight EST. Send the email to [email protected]. The questions submitted will come back to us on or around January 1st.

1. Since the debut of the Metals Die Cast figures over the Summer, how fast will you say that the popularity of the figures have grown since then? Are these above expectations right now?

We could not be more excited about the response we are getting for the Metals Die Cast line. Going from just 7 figures (4” Batman, 4” Superman, 4” Wonder Woman, 4” Armored Batman, a 4” twin pack and the 6” Batman with Armor) from one entertainment property at launch to the library of figures and licenses we have now is pretty amazing. Not only are we are we getting great response from collectors, but from licensors and studios as well. They are noticing the growth and popularity of Metals and are wanting to be part it. We can’t help but to feel like we stumbled onto something big. 

2. Are there any plans for a Batman: The Animated Series, and The New Batman Adventures?

Well, what can I say. Batman is a strong character for the Metals line. To do figures from these series would be awesome! I think the style translates well to the Metals form. At this moment I cannot confirm or deny that we are doing anything from these series. You will just have to stay tuned to or our social media pages to find out.   

3. With NYTF coming up, is Jada Toys going to be announcing new waves of existing licenses as well as any possibly new ones?

The short answer is OHHH YEAH! This year’s New York Toy Fair is one I am looking forward to. We have a bunch of new things to show. One in particular is gaining a lot of buzz. 

4. Will Jada Toys be revealing new licenses at New York ToyFair in February?

The Metals universe is expanding. Our Licensing department is earning their money for sure. 

5. With this being the first year that Jada Toys will be showing off figures at New York ToyFair, what can fans expect to see and will Jada Toys be showing off new waves of existing licenses along with other surprises?

Actually we have been attending NYTF for some time in a private meeting room. Last year was the first time we showed figure samples. I believe we had BvS, Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters and TMNT. This year we have a 1200 sqft. showroom (booth #5435) and in it will be some pretty cool things. I don’t think you will be disappointed. 

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