Super 7: Masters Of The Universe Classics Ultimate Figures Packaging Designs



Super 7 have provided the final packaging image of their upcoming Masters Of The Universe Classics Ultimate Figures that will be coming in 2017. Pre-sales for these figures have ended and from what we’ve gathered, these figures will not be offered again as this was a made-to-order sale that will become the new offering over subscriptions.

Hi MOTU Fans! We wanted to share the final packaging of the MOTU Ultimate Figures with you. He-Man, Skeletor, Faker, Ram Man, and Teela will be blister packaged with their accessories on a vintage style exploding background backing card and logo treatment. Included with each character is a mini-comic style backing card with the character bio on one side and a brand new mini-comic cover style artwork on the other. The back side of the backing card will have all new characteraction artwork across the top on a classic 8-back influenced design. Packaging is also resealable!