Jada Toys Spider-Man & Doctor Strange Metals Die Cast Figures Review



In recent months Jada Toys have been releasing wave after wave of their brand new Metals Die Cast figures that launched over the summer. Jada continues to make high-end die cast figures at a very reason price of roughly $10-$12 for a standard 4″ figure. There are a lot of great choices to choose from including properties such as Marvel, DC, TMNT, Ghostbusters, WWE, The Walking Dead, and you can bet that more and more licenses will be announced soon as this style of figures popularity continues to climb. This particular style resembles the characters likeness much better compared to Pop! Vinyls, and is a better quality product overall.

Thank you to Jada Toys for providing their Spider-Man and Doctor Strange Metals Die Cast figures for review.

Availability: November 2016

jada-toys-spider-man-and-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figures-03 jada-toys-spider-man-and-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figures-06


There have been many different Marvel characters released lately in several different waves including both comic and movie inspired figures. This new Spider-Man assortment is based on the characters appearances as seen in the comic books. The new wave includes Spider-Man, Spider Gwen, Miles Morales, Venom, and Black Suit Spider-Man (not shown). Each figure is non-articulated, and made using die cast metal parts. Doctor Strange is inspired from the new movie, and features the likeness of Actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Each figure is sculpted in a dynamic pose, and Spider-Man Spider Gwen and Doctor Strange are given a much better pose compared to Venom and Miles Morales. Venom’s pose is actually quite menacing looking with his tongue sticking out. Miles Morales is sculpted in a web shooting pose, which is fine, but not as dynamic as Spider-Man and Spider Gwen.


This new Spider-Man wave and Doctor Strange are excellent figures and we love the fact that these are done in die cast metal that gives them better quality overall. The style, sculpting, and design on these is excellent and we cannot wait for Jada to tackle some Spidey villains such as the classic 90’s Kingpin, Shocker, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, and others.

Highly Recommended.


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jada-toys-spider-man-and-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figures-01 jada-toys-spider-man-and-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figures-02 jada-toys-spider-man-and-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figures-03 jada-toys-spider-man-and-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figures-05 jada-toys-spider-man-and-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figures-06


Doctor Strange:

jada-toys-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figure-01 jada-toys-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figure-02 jada-toys-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figure-03 jada-toys-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figure-04 jada-toys-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figure-05 jada-toys-doctor-strange-metals-die-cast-figure-06



jada-toys-spider-man-metals-die-cast-figure-01 jada-toys-spider-man-metals-die-cast-figure-02 jada-toys-spider-man-metals-die-cast-figure-03 jada-toys-spider-man-metals-die-cast-figure-04 jada-toys-spider-man-metals-die-cast-figure-05 jada-toys-spider-man-metals-die-cast-figure-06


Spider Gwen:

jada-toys-spider-gwen-metals-die-cast-figure-01 jada-toys-spider-gwen-metals-die-cast-figure-02 jada-toys-spider-gwen-metals-die-cast-figure-03 jada-toys-spider-gwen-metals-die-cast-figure-04 jada-toys-spider-gwen-metals-die-cast-figure-05 jada-toys-spider-gwen-metals-die-cast-figure-06


Miles Morales:

jada-toys-miles-morales-metals-die-cast-figure-01 jada-toys-miles-morales-metals-die-cast-figure-02 jada-toys-miles-morales-metals-die-cast-figure-03 jada-toys-miles-morales-metals-die-cast-figure-04 jada-toys-miles-morales-metals-die-cast-figure-05 jada-toys-miles-morales-metals-die-cast-figure-06



jada-toys-venom-metals-die-cast-figure-01 jada-toys-venom-metals-die-cast-figure-02 jada-toys-venom-metals-die-cast-figure-03 jada-toys-venom-metals-die-cast-figure-04 jada-toys-venom-metals-die-cast-figure-05 jada-toys-venom-metals-die-cast-figure-06