Entertainment Earth Exclusive Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Platinum Liokaiser Boxed Set Review



Liokaiser was originally offered in Japan and Hasbro brought this set overseas as a Platinum box set release. This box set was announced back at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and is exclusively available at Entertainment Earth. Liokaiser is a Destron (Decepticon) Combiner formed by the six members of the “Breastforce.” In the original 1980’s toy line, this team of Decepticons was given this name due to their ability of their chest panels to pop out and form small animal robots. This is the first time that Liokaiser is available in the U.S. market and uses the recently released Combiner Wars parts, along with some newly sculpted pieces, to form this giant robot.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth for providing Hasbro’s Transformers Combiner Wars Liokaiser Boxed Set for review.

Official Entertainment Earth description:

Behold the mighty Liokaiser! The Destrons are a foul group of criminals and convicts that also happens to be one of the most elite strike teams in the galaxy. Together, they become Liokaiser, a Combiner whose sheer power is rivaled only by his penchant for evil. 

Transformers Generations Platinum Edition sets feature figures with a high level of detail, plus premium features and packaging. These sets highlight some of the most memorable scenes, powerful warriors, and epic storylines in the Transformers universe. This 7-in-1 Liokaiser collection pack celebrates the Combiner Wars. In the Combiner Wars, teams of Autobots and Decepticons combine to form giant super robots and battle with the fate of worlds in the balance. 

Join the battle and build a Combiner super robot with this Combiner Wars Liokaiser Collection Pack! Get 6 Destron figures that combine to form a Liokaiser Combiner figure in this 1 Platinum Edition set. The Voyager Class Dezarus figure forms the torso of the Liokaiser Combiner figure; the Deluxe Class Guyhawk, Drillhorn, Ironbison, and Fellbat figures form the arms and legs; and the Legends Class Ion Scythe figure becomes a Combiner weapon. 

The Combiner Wars universal connection system means these figures work with other Combiner Wars figures! Combine the Dezarus figure with other Deluxe Class Combiner Wars figures or combine the Guyhawk, Drillhorn, Ironbison, and Fellbat figures with other Combiner Wars Voyager Class figures to build more Combiner super-robot figures! (Additional figures are each sold separately.) The pack also includes 12 accessories, a Combiner Wars poster, and a collectible Liokaiser character card.

Includes 6 figures, poster, collector card, 12 accessories, and instructions.

• Combiner Wars Liokaiser pack includes 6 Destron figures
• Figures combine to build a Liokaiser figure 
• Each figure converts from robot mode to vehicle mode and back
• Figures work with other Combiner Wars figures (each sold separately)
• Comes with a poster and collector card

Availability: November 2016

entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-11 entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-43


Dezarus is a repaint of the Skylynx figure with a newly sculpt head. He can transform from space shuttle mode to beast mode, and becomes the chest piece of Liokaiser. The character is actually made up of two different G1 characters of the 1980’s, Dezarus/Deathsaurus and the Breastforce team member. The figure is painted mostly in teal, black, red, light grey, gold, and yellow, which for the most part pays tribute to the original figure. There are also Decepticon logos inside the triangular tampographs on the wings, which pays homage to the vintage stickers on the original figure.

The beast mode is a dragon/bird that looks like a variation of Skylynx with new deco rather than a completely different character with a new head. This mode allows you to get a much better look at the new head sculpt, and the mouth has some silver patterns painted where the tongue would be on Skylynx. This helps bring out the uniqueness of the character and you can tell that some extra thought went into the deco on this figure.

entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-21 entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-51


Fellbat is a repaint of the Combiner Wars Skydive figure with a new head sculpt. He can transform from a jet into a robot, and becomes either a leg or arm for Liokaiser of your choosing. The original G1 figure was named Hellbat, and the finns on the vintage figure had one in the back and were vertical, as opposed to this new modern figure having two two vertical and horizontal fins. The original figure had two horizontal finns in the front, and the modern figure has none. Fellbat is painted in metallic dark blue, orange paint on the windows, silver on the rear stabilizer fins, grey and black. There is also yellow on the wings as well as some parts shown better in robot mode. There are also Decepticon logos over the yellow on the wings.

His robot mode features a new head sculpt that resembles the likeness of a bat. The two wing pieces on the head swivel up and down, and from a design standpoint this works very well. The head is made up of a helmet section with two thin “eyes” on it with a thin, central crest. He has thin eyes leading to a grey mouthplate with a raised chin piece on the bottom. The wings on the head are located on the sides. The deco is the same as the vehicle mode, as you can see in the images above. Included with Fellbat are the dual barreled blasters and the hand/foot piece.

entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-26 entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-60


Guyhawk is a repaint of Air Raid with a newly sculpted head. Guyhawk can transform from a jet fighter into a robot, and becomes either a leg or arm for Liokaiser of your choosing. The pink deco and sculpt for the figure is easy to recognize for anyone already familiar with G1 Guyhawk.

The vehicle mode and robot mode is painted mostly in pink with the nosecone made in a softer plastic. The wings and stabilizers have all been cast in a flexible plastic and painted silver.The wings are painted in silver with yellow and black lines, and you will find a Decepticon symbol over the lines. These lines pay homage to the original sticker sheet on the G1 figure. Behind the cockpit there is some black deco, which pays homage to the black plastic hinge that is part of the transformation mechanism on the vintage figure. This small detail is certainly a nice touch and shows you just how well this has been thought out. Other small tidbits of added deco is the rockets under the wings are painted in black, and the cockpit being painted in orange.

In robot mode, he features a newly sculpted head and the head is represented to look like a hawk (or a generic bird). The helmet section of the head has a pointed top that resembles the crest on a bird’s head. There are even thin eyes sculpted into the top section of the head and the area right above the forehead has a small “beak” in the center. His eyes look like oval sunglasses and stick out a bit from the face (which pays homage to the character’s G1 animated appearance). Included with Guyhawk are the dual barreled blasters and the hand/foot piece.

entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-35 entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-69


Drillhorn is a repaint of General Ramhorn with a newly sculpted head. He can transform from a tank with a drill attachment into a robot, and becomes either a leg or arm for Liokaiser of your choosing. The cockpit section of the base of the drill pays homage to the to the cockpit on G1 Drillhorn. Drillhorn’s deco also pays homage to the G1 counterpart, with metallic dark blue and light grey.

In vehicle mode, the light grey is used for the rear section, and the front portion and top are metallic blue. There is also silver deco used for the drill and the fans on top of the turret section. The trends are painted in light grey to match the back half. On the sides of the vehicle there are silver, black and yellow lines, which pays homage to the sticker sheet for G1 Drillhorn. There are also Decepticon symbols on either side of the of the turret.

In robot mode, he features a newly sculpted head. The deco on the head is painted light grey with a blue face and red eyes. The barrels on the chest have been painted in red, which clearly stands out from the metallic blue and light grey deco, which pays homage to the sticker sheets on his G1 counterpart. His hands have been painted light grey, and the use of yellow and red on the circular details below his knees are also a nice homage. Included with Drillhorn is the drillbit, and the hand/foot piece that can also be used as an additional weapon on top of the tank.

entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-41 entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-77


Ironbison is a repaint of Brawl with a newly sculpted head. He can transform from a tank into a robot, and becomes either a leg or arm for Liokaiser of your choosing. The character was renamed after G1 Killbison and is meant to pay homage to his 1980’s counterpart. Ironbison is painted in gold and light grey deco, with the treads and turret painted in silver. The hatch covers on the top of the turret section is painted in yellow,  while a bit of red can be seen in the front of the tank. On the sides of the tank are silver, yellow and black lines on top of the silver, which pays homage to the G1 counterpart’s sticker sheets. There is also a Decepticon symbol on the right side of the vehicle’s front section.

In robot mode, he features a newly sculpted head. The helmet section of the head is based on a bison. This includes two small eyes on the top of the head, a wide snout-like detail right above the eyes and horns that swing out to the sides. The mouthplate on the face has a vertical line in the center, which pays homage to the G1 toy. The robot mode is also painted mostly in metallic gold and light grey. The silver from the trends really stands out on top. The use of black with silver on the circular details below his knees are also a nice homage. Included with Ironbison is a cannon used for the torrent, and the hand/foot piece that can also be used as an additional weapon on top of the tank.

entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-85 entertainment-earth-exclusive-transformers-generations-platinum-liokaiser-boxed-set-87

Ion Scythe can transform from a robotic bird into a two pronged blade weapon used for Liokaiser. The character is brand new and included in this box set, and also pays homage the “animal partners” of the G1 version of this team. The figure is painted in metallic dark blue, silver, red, and white deco. The red and white deco on the wings pays homage to the stickers included with Gul,

In robot mode, he is a robotic bird with a large single eye in front, lade like wings and tail feathers in the back. There is one solid piece that forms the feet in back. In weapon mode, there are four 5mm ports that allow you to attach additional weapons. The ports allows accessories such as the light grey swords, cannon,  and dual barreled blasters.



Liokaiser combined form is made up of every figure and accessory included in the box set. The figure features a brand new head sculpt. The new head sculpt uses the top portion of Sky Reign, and was given a newly tooled robot head to pay tribute to the look of G1 Liokaiser head, which also had an animal head with a robotic head underneath. The top of the head is cast in black plastic with red eyes, while the lower robotic head is painted in light grey, with a silver faceplate and red eyes. The collar around the head is painted in gold.  The square at the center of the crest is painted the same flat gold color as the collar. The deco used for the torso is the same as Dezarus as described above, and there is a Decepticon symbol on the right finn over the teal.

Depending on how you choose to combine the figure, the colors will vary depending on the character you choose for his arms and legs. In the gallery, we stayed true to the instructions with Fellbat and Guyhawk as the arms, and Drillhorn and Ironbison as the legs. Using the jets as the arms, and tanks as legs, it matches with the G1 figure better with the exception that the arms had jet cockpits on top, as these are on the sides  and the treads in his legs faced inward in the vintage toy, whereas here they point towards the back.

The articulation varies depending on how you combine the figure, which is roughly 19 points of articulation. If you decide to use the tanks as arms, they tend to split at the forearms. This set also offers extra accessories for Fellbat and Guyhawk of the duel barreled blasters that can be placed in his hands, or stored on the body. The swords can be used separately or combined for Liokaiser to wield. Ion Scythe also makes a great weapon which features four 5mm ports. The swords can also attach to Ion Scythe to form a “super sword” mode.


Liokaiser is an excellent Combiner Wars figure and each individual character has some great tributes to the Generation One figure in both design, deco, and sculpting. This figure is definitely a must buy for both fans of the vintage line as well as new comers.

Highly Recommended.


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