McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Comic Series 5 Review



McFarlane Toys 5″ Comic Series has had more figure released in 2016 compared to the 5″ Television series line. This is due to the lack of retailer interest and fan support, according to our sources inside the company. In order for McFarlane to make more 5″ figures, we all need to do our part and support what is already out on store shelves. The good news here is that McFarlane Toys will be offering another year of 5″ figures for both the Comic and Television series, and how many figures will be released depends on retailer and fan support. We will know more for you during New York ToyFair in February 2017.

The fifth series of the comic series includes Shane, Glenn, Lydia, and Negan as he was seen imprisoned after the defeat of the Saviors.

Thank you to McFarlane Toys for providing their The Walking Dead Comic Series 5 Shane, Glenn, Lydia, and Negan figures for review.

Availability: September 2016

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Shane is sculpted in his brown police uniform with a badge sculpted on the upper left side, and a logo on his jacket shoulders. The pants have a yellow stripe down the sides, and the holster for his pistol is on his right hip. His head sculpt is based on his appearance as seen in the comic, with a police issued baseball cap. There is also a grey scarf around his neck and over his jacket and black gloves sculpted on his hands. Included with Shane is a pistol, rifle, a head on a stick, and an interchangeable walker head. The pistol doesn’t quite fit in his hand as the trigger finger cannot go over the trigger on the gun itself. This is due to the fact that the handle was sculpted too big and the hand too small.

mcfarlane-toys-the-walking-dead-comic-series-5-20 mcfarlane-toys-the-walking-dead-comic-series-5-25


Glenn is sculpted in a tan jacket, blue shirt, brown pats, and black shows. The figure depicts his comic book appearance, and also includes a blue non-removable baseball cap on his head. There is also some added black wash over his cloths to make him look realistic, and this came out very nicely. Included with Glenn is an interchangeable head sculpt of his battered head from Negan and Lucille (his baseball bat), an axe, and the head of Rosita on a stick.

mcfarlane-toys-the-walking-dead-comic-series-5-33 mcfarlane-toys-the-walking-dead-comic-series-5-39


Lydia is a former member of the Whisperers that defected to Rick’s group after meeting Carol. She is sculpted in a grey long sleeved shirt and blue jeans and black shoes. Her head sculpt is nicely done and depicts the comic appearance very well with long blonde hair, that is even painted dark grey for the additional head sculpt wearing the skin of the dead. Also included with Lydia is a knife, and the head of Ezekiel on a stick.

mcfarlane-toys-the-walking-dead-comic-series-5-44 mcfarlane-toys-the-walking-dead-comic-series-5-53


After the fall of the Saviors, Rick keeps Negan alive and imprisoned him. This figure depicts his defeat and he is sculpted in a light blue shirt and blue jeans. The figure is also bear foot, probably so he can’t run too far. His head sculpt is also nicely detailed with a growing black mustache and beard, and long black hair. The clothing also has a grey wash over it to give it some additional definition and a realistic touch. Included with Negan is Lucille, a bucket with silver deco and a black wash, and a head on a stick.


The Walking Dead Comic Series 5 is an excellent wave with great attention to detail and comic book accuracy (at least with the sculpting, because as you know the comic is in black and white.)

Highly Recommended.


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