Mattel Brings 2″ Justice League Animated Action Figures To The Market In 2017



Mattel will be offering 2″ Justice League action figures based on an upcoming Cartoon Network animated series. These figures will be targeted more towards the younger audience, and will feature pop off parts as seen with Hasbro’s Super Hero Mashers line, which allows you to swap out parts including limbs, heads, and accessories. The basic 2″ figure wave will include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Blue Beetle, Firestorm, and Lex Luther . There will also be a 3 pack that will include exclusive pieces to create a Darkseid figure.

These figures are scheduled for release in the coming weeks. Mattel has not made any announcements just yet for their 6″ Collect & Connect line.

mattel-brings-2-inch-justice-league-animated-action-figures-to-the-market-in-2017 mattel-brings-2-inch-justice-league-animated-action-figures-to-the-market-in-2017-2